Roblox Fire Force Online Beginners Guide (2024)

Fire Force Online is inspired by Fire Force Anime on Roblox. If you’re new to this game do not fear as we shall explain every detail of this game to you step by step so that you will completely understand the basic mechanics of the game. So here is all you need to know about Fire Force Online Beginners Guide.

Fire Force Online

Fire Force Online Beginners GuideStarting the Game

Open Fire Force Online and a screen with three options will welcome you into the game. But as a beginner, you must choose the option Tutorial. Here is where you will create your character and also learn much about the game.

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As you enter the Tutorial choose the play option create your character and choose its name and gender. 

Fire Force Online Tutorial

Next an option to skip the tutorial will be seen on your screen do not choose the option. Playing the game will give you some more information on the game.

Learn all about Keybinds for basic moves. You must learn how to perform Punch, Heavy Attack, Air variant, Blocking, Dashing, Climbing, and Running.

First Mission

Next, step on Fire Force Online Beginners Guide are your missions that will be seen on the left side of your screen. In the first mission, you will talk to Thales.

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After you have spoken to Thales he will give you some options to make money, that is FireForce. The game will show you the location of the point you need to reach. Follow the location mark to find the NPC(non-player character).

Fire Force Online Meet Thales

To get quests from Fire Force go to the police station and talk to Officer Jones. He will give you missions. Go back to Thales, who will send you to another location. The new mission will be about talking to Crook. Here too you will need to say you want to make money and he will give you missions. 

But remember that completing Mr Jones’s missions will garner you a positive reputation whereas completing Crook’s missions will get you a Negative Reputation.   

Once you have decided whose missions you want to complete you can then move to the next step in the game.  


Once you choose the options the missions you get from there will become your Main Mission.  Besides the Main Missions, you will also have Side Missions and Quick Missions.

Quick Time Mission: To accept a Quick Time Mission, look around you when you hear a beeping message. You will see someone with a red mark on their head. Talking to them and accepting their quests will be your Quick Mission.

The Reputation Points you receive on completing Quick Missions will depend on your choices. For example, if you help an old lady cross the road you get a positive reputation. But if you ignore her plea to cross the road you earn a negative reputation. 

Fire Force Online Missions

Side Quests: The only Side Quest you will receive is the Find The Cat Pepper and return it to the police station from NPC Silas. If you return it then Positive Reputation, if not then Negative Reputation.  

Fire Force Online Beginners Guide: Factions

Let’s move further in the Fire Force Online Beginners Guide towards The Quests and the Reputation Points will decide which Faction you will join. 

To do so get Rank 3 to join a faction. Once you reach the needed rank then you should go to the base of either Faction.

Rank 3 is called Respected Civilian and next, you will have to go to their base and talk to the NPC to sign up.  Post that you have to complete a set of exams to become a member.  

For the White Clad, the Rank 3 is the Thief. Here there will be no exams but you will be kidnapped and finish the mission.

How to Choose Your Faction – Fire Force or Whiteclad?

Fire Force:  On joining Fire Force your quests will revolve around fighting infernals. These infernals are quite tough therefore joining the Fire Force is more challenging.   

Whiteclad: If you join the Whiteclad, your quests will be all about fighting other players.  To join the Whiteclad, you’ll need negative reputation points.

First Faction Mission

For those who choose White Clad, the first mission will trigger itself. It is not the same for Fire Force members. 

The members of The Fire Force or White Clad, can get generational abilities when you reach Rank 3. But you should have enough Combat ESP before you receive them.   

White Clad members can get these EXP Points by completing the kidnapping trial. Fire Force members have to pass the Wilderness to get to the base.  On reaching there talk to the Examiner NPC.  

Wait for the Special Fire Force Trainee Camp Admissions to open. Post admission you will be teleported to the camp and you will begin learning how to get Combat EXP.

Fire Force Online Exams

Fire Force Exams:

Fire Force Online Beginners Guide brings some more steps for you. As soon as you reach the Special Fire Force Trainee Camp, your exams will begin.

First Exam: The first exam is quite an easy one. The Examiner will give information and ask you to answer questions based on it. Do pay attention to what the examiner is telling you, If you miss anything then you will not be able to answer the question. 

Second Exam: The second exam is all about a Fruit Hunting game. You will need to find three fruits spread around the training grounds. But there will be many fruits so pay attention to the examiner’s demand. You need to find all three fruits before moving on to the next phase of the game.  

Third Exam: To pass the Third Exam you need to defeat a Prototype Inferno. This will be difficult to defeat. But if you learn its patterns then it’s an easy task. But if you are taking the exam with many others then all should be able to defeat the monster.

The fight with the Inferno will gain you Combat EXP points and you will awaken your abilities as your Points increase.

On completion of the three missions, you will be a part of the Special Fire Force and unlock a phone. This phone will be your primary source for checking new missions. 


When you have enough Combat EXP Points then your Generational Abilities will unlock.  On its activation open the Skill Tree and a path will open that will reveal which generation have you received.  

There are Three Generations you can get:

Generation 1: Ability to become infernals or get a weapon of their choice.

Generation 2: Ability to control fire but they need a source for it. You can infuse it into your weapons. To use the fire you need to have fuel, like with a sickle or anything you choose.

Generation 3: Ability to emit fire from their bodies.


To check your generation and ability open your skill tree (M > Skill Tree icon) and find the information in the bottom right corner. If you’re Level 5 and do not see anything then consider yourself Generation 1 who can choose their ability there and then. 

Fire Force Online Upgrades

Outfit Upgrades

 Fire Force Online Beginners Guide brings some more clues to help you continue further in the game. You will need armour as Post-purchasing increases the outfit’s stats to upgrade your character.

There are three stats you can upgrade:

Durability (Maximum HP)

Fire Resistance (Reducing the damage taken from fire-based abilities).

Utility (The damage you deal)

Unlock the Blacksmith to upgrade your armour with Infernal Cores as you progress in the game.

Mission Boards

The next step involves Mission Boards. Besides NPCs and Phone Options, there is a third place for you to get missions from. That is the Mission Board. But this can be unlocked after you have become a member of a Faction and also when you are available at Faction Base.

As a beginner, you need to get the Defeat Infernals quest as your Main Quests will be about beating Infernals.

To complete this quest, go to the Wilderness and there you should talk to Scientist NPC. Based on the number of people in your party Infernals will spawn and you have to defeat them.


Complete training to rank up can be done by training your Strength or Defense. To train you should get a Weighted Vest and Arm Weights from your Faction Base. Arm Weights gives you EXP for Strength Training, and Weighted Vest gives you EXP for Defense Training.

To gain points, you should have one of these for when you hit the enemies with their help your points will increase.  However, the actual training method is the use of two training mats near the Arm Weights and a Weighted Vest. The Red mats are for Defense Points. You will have to press some keys to keep practising. The Blue mats will give you Strength Points you only need to click on the screen and lift weights.

Faction Events

Fire Force Online Faction Events

As per the Fire Force Online Beginners Guide, There are two types of Faction Events.

Turf War Event: The members of two Factions compete to win three points.  Members have to collect a point and they will win the game if the point is kept for some time.  

Payload Event: To take the payload Players should either defend or fight.

The Faction Events will be based on Faction that you can complete. Finishing them will give you some extra money or a chest full of important items.

Here are some additional tips in the Fire Force Online Beginners Guide:

Subclasses are add-ons to your current ability and are unlocked through trainers. You obtain the sub-class after you complete a trainer’s quest. It can be obtained at rank 25.  

Rerolls and Giveaways: A black market dealer named A Serious Man will offer re-rolls. You can switch abilities with Robux or in-game cash. Re-roll giveaways are also found on Twitch.


These are all the steps for the Fire Force Online Beginners Guide. It will take some effort and you will soon be an expert within a short period.

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