Fire Force Online Clan Tier List (September 2023)

This is the comprehensive Fire Force Online Clan tier list. Fire Force Online is a Roblox game based on the Shonen anime, Fire Force. Fire Force Online allows you to create a character and try to become the best in the world.

In this guide, we will rank the various clans in the game, considering their performance and impact on the battlefield.

Please note that this tier list is based on our personal experiences and may differ from your own preferences.

The game’s meta is also constantly changing due to updates, so keep that in mind as you explore this tier list.

Fire Force Online Clan Tier List

Fire Force Online Clan Tier List 1

We have ranked the Clans from S-Tier to C-Tier depending on their performance and ability to boost a player.

When selecting a clan, you should consider your preferred playstyle and the unique abilities each clan offers.

Take your time to assess their strengths and pick the one that resonates with you. Each clan provides specific buffs and advantages to its members.

These benefits can range from increased damage to faster stamina regeneration and other useful enhancements.

Ultimately, this tier list is a result of our personal experiences and observations of clan performances in the game.

With that being said, let us take a look at the Fire Force Online Clan Tier List below.


These are the most elite clans in this Fire Force Online Clan Tier List and can give an outstanding performance.

Shinmon Clan

Renowned for their exceptional teamwork and coordination, the Shinmon Clan stands at the top of the tier list.

Their unique abilities and powerful attacks make them a formidable force on the battlefield.

Burns Clan

With a reputation for raw power and unyielding determination, the Burns Clan is a force to be reckoned with.

Their high damage output and resilience make them one of the most sought-after clans in the game.

Dragon Clan

The Dragon Clan is characterized by its versatility and adaptability in various combat scenarios. They possess a wide array of skills that can be tailored to suit different situations.


While a tad lower on the ranking pole than the S-Tier, these clans are still quite amazing and can give unbelievable performances in the game.

Obi Clan

Known for their tactical prowess and strategic approach to battles, the Obi Clan excels at supporting their teammates and disrupting enemy strategies.

Kusakabe Clan

As masters of elemental attacks, the Kusakabe Clan wields the power of fire with unparalleled precision. Their fiery abilities can overwhelm opponents in the blink of an eye.

Mori Clan

Agile and swift, the Mori Clan excels in hit-and-run tactics. They specialize in quick strikes and evasive maneuvers, catching their opponents off guard.


These are strong contenders in the Fire Force Online Clan Tier List that can give a good performance.

DFresh Clan

The DFresh Clan boasts both offensive and defensive capabilities, making them a well-balanced option for players seeking flexibility in their play style.

Oze Clan

Known for their crowd control abilities, the Oze Clan can manipulate the battlefield and dictate the flow of combat with their unique skills.

Montgomery Clan

The Montgomery Clan is a reliable support group that enhances the overall performance of their team through healing and protective spells.

Sagamiya Clan

The Sagamiya Clan shines in long-range combat, leveraging their precision and accuracy to pick off enemies from a distance.

Son Clan

The Son Clan harnesses the power of sound to create devastating sonic attacks, making them a unique and formidable choice in battles.

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These clans have potential but need an experienced player to maximize their potential.

Oji Clan

Although ranked lower, the Oji Clan possesses untapped potential. Their skills require careful mastery, but once harnessed, they can be deadly on the battlefield.

Kakame Clan

With a focus on stealth and surprise attacks, the Kakame Clan excels at ambushing enemies and creating chaos on the front lines.

Kotatsu Clan

The Kotatsu Clan relies on a mix of offense and defense, providing solid utility on the battlefield, but may require more strategic finesse to maximize their effectiveness.

This is the complete Fire Force Online Clan Tier List. We hope that it was helpful to you.

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