Fire Force Online Abilities Tier List (March 2024)

Looking for a comprehensive Fire Force Online Abilities Tier List? You are in the right place.

Mastering abilities is crucial to becoming a skilled player in Fire Force Online. Understanding the mechanics of each ability and mastering their combos enhances your performance on the battlefield.

To help you identify which ability to focus on first, we have created a Fire Force Online abilities tier list, ranking them from Tier S to Tier C based on their effectiveness in one-on-one combat.

Fire Force Online Abilities Tier List

Fire Force Online Abilities Tier List 1

Before we dive into the tier list, please keep in mind that this tier list is based on our personal experience and is intended to guide players in understanding the value of different abilities in the game.

We would still recommend that players experiment and figure out which abilities complement their play style the best.

With that being said, let us take a look at the Fire Force Online Abilities Tier List below.

S Tier

These are the strongest and most effective abilities available in this Fire Force Online Abilities Tier List.


This ability offers shotgun, sniper, and AR variants of guns. This is one of the most versatile abilities in the game. It also gives a decent damage output, making it a trusty choice for many players.

Liberation Fists

If you pair the Liberation Fists with the right augments, it can be a devastating ability for your opponents.

With hyper and super armor moves, it can deal substantial damage and break through enemy defenses.

Grand Hands

Grand Hands can be quite effective with its high damage output and straightforward combos. It suits players seeking a more direct and easy-to-use playstyle.

A Tier

This tier offers some strong abilities that can aid you well in the game. However, these abilities do require a bit more experience than the S tier abilities to perform well.

Pile Bunker

This ability is capable of delivering tremendous damage through hyper and super armor moves. However, Pile Bunker demands precise timing and technique for successful use.


With a special time-stopping move that can surprise opponents, Sakura requires skillful execution to reliably strike the time stop. If used correctly, it can be a massive advantage to players.

Axe n’ Gun

This ability combines ranged attacks and guard break moves to provide a mix of offensive and defensive options for versatile players.

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B Tier

These are less effective abilities that require experience and finesse to perform well.


Shield offers hyper armor moves to players but can be countered with proper timing. It requires more precision to be effective compared to higher-tier abilities.


Sickle’s damage output has diminished compared to earlier. While it still has some strong moves, it may not be as impactful in combat as higher-tier abilities.

Tier C

These abilities may cause players to struggle in the game. If you are not well-versed in them, it might be best to opt for other abilities that are easier to use and give a better performance.


Sputter’s guard breaks and damage output are relatively less powerful when compared to higher-tier abilities.

Although still functional, it may not be the best option for optimal performance in one-on-one combat situations.

This concludes the Fire Force Online ability tier list. The tier list was created based on our firsthand battle experience in the game.

Each ability was tested in one-on-one combat scenarios, considering factors such as damage output, combo potential, and overall success.

Since each ability has its own set of strengths and playstyles, it is essential for you to select an ability that aligns with your preferred combat style and strategy.

To enhance your combat traits, engage in training modes, practice with friends, or participate in regular battles with other players.

We hope that this Fire Force Online Abilities Tier List was helpful to you.

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