How to Write an Email To Delete An Account (2024)

How many online accounts do you have?

You must have more than one. Don’t you?

According to research, the average number of online accounts per user is more than 200. Isn’t it a shocking number?

This might be shocking and too much for you but there are people who have numerous online accounts.

There is no denying that creating an online account is straightforward but when it comes to remembering the password and ID of all accounts, it is not a cup of tea.

The more online accounts you have the more you are at risk of losing your personal information.

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Only a few people know that an online account you delete always remains active in the database of social media and platforms where you have used them.

To get an online account deleted permanently, you are required to write an email.

If you have multiple accounts that you don’t use anymore and want to delete them, you will have to write an email to delete those accounts.

Do you know how to write an email to delete an account? If your answer is NO then don’t worry, we have you covered.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

How to Write Email to Delete an Account?

To make your work easier, we have created a template that can be used to compose and send emails to companies requesting them to delete your online account from their database.

Email Template 1

SUBJECT: Requesting You to Delete My Account From Your Database

Dear (Company Name/Customer Support Team),

I have an account in your database associated with the name ……………. and the email address ………………..

For some reason, I have decided not to use the account again; therefore, I request that you kindly delete my account from your database and delete all (Email notifications, additional email addresses, marketing emails, payment detail, or any other information).


Your Name:

Registered Email Address:

Phone Number (Optional)

Email Template 2

SUBJECT: Request You to Delete My Account From Your Website/Application

To Whom It May Concern,

I am requesting you to remove my account and personal information that I had provided at the time of creating an account on your website/app from your database as quickly as possible.

There is no denying that your platform is amazing and I had a great time using it but I have numerous works to do and platforms to use, I don’t want to be a member of your application or website.

Since I no longer have time to use the services offered by you, I am requesting you to delete my account as soon as possible.

Thanking You,

Your Name:

Registered Email Address:

Phone Number (Optional)

How Long Does It Take To Delete An Account?

Regardless of which template you use to write an email to delete your online account, your request will go through the following steps:

  • Request: First, you have to submit an account removal request through email.
  • Validation: Once your request is submitted, the support team will validate your request and confirm whether the request is made by a genuine person or not. If the information provided in the email is 100% correct, they will begin the account removal process.
  • Deletion: Not all but some companies send an email informing you that they have begun the account removal process. You might also be asked to provide an OTP and final approval before your account is deleted from their database.
  • Verification: Once you have given your final consent, your account will be deleted permanently.

Why Should I Delete My Old Online Accounts?

If you have multiple inactive accounts, your personal information is most likely to be stolen.

Yes, the more old accounts you have the more you are at risk of losing your personal information.

When we have multiple accounts, we tend to use weaker or the same passwords for all accounts, which makes it pretty easy for hackers to access your information and account activity.

According to McAfee and InfoWorld, almost 30% of users reuse the same password on multiple accounts and approximately 80% of the cloud services let their users use weak passwords making it easier for hackers to steal your information and sell them to companies across the world.

The only way to prevent yourself from getting hacked is to delete your unused online account permanently by writing an email to companies.

How Do I Recover My Old Account?

Have you forgotten the password to your old account?

If your answer is YES and you want to access your old account then look no further as we have got you covered.

To recover or reset your old account, you will have to follow a few simple steps:

First, launch the application or visit the official site.

Once you are on the site, navigate to the ‘Forgot Password‘ option and click on it.

When you do so, you will get a message on your registered email or phone number.

Now, open that email and reset your password by confirming your identity.

Once you have successfully reset your password, you can use that password to log in to the platform and recover your old account.

That’s all you need to know about how to write an email to delete an account.

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