All Ready or Not Crystal Meth Packet Locations (Sept 2023)

If you are looking for the Ready or Not Crystal Meth Packet Location then don’t look further as we have got you covered.

In this guide, we will help you to find out the Crystal Meth Packet Location in Read or Not.

For the unversed, Ready or Not is a tactical shooter game developed and published by Ireland-based VOID Interactive and released for Microsoft Windows on December 17, 2021, through Steam Early Access.

Ready or Not is an extremely tactical FPS game where you and up to four friends will play as a SWAT team that has to deal with a wide variety of extremely stressful situations.

This game has plenty of maps to choose from and there are roughly five to up to six different scenarios for you to experience with some of those having all six and some of those having as little as one.

These scenarios include things like a bomb threat, barricaded suspects, and raids.

One of the most played scenarios is barricaded suspects asking players or the player in their team to eliminate or arrest all suspects and secure all civilians and find as much evidence as possible.

This is the core series of mechanics that every Mission type offers with barricaded suspects being the most basic example of a scenario.

Now other Mission types like bomb threats for example have additional tasks for you to complete on top of all those we just previously mentioned using bomb threats just as the example.

Here you’ll have to go in and disarm several different bombs within a set period.

If you fail to do this the bombs will explode and you will lose the round and have to restart all over again.

Notably, you’ll have to disarm those bombs while dealing with suspects and looking for evidence in a set time.

In the Raid scenario, there is a mission in which you will have to raid different locations and collect the Crystal Meth Packets.

To collect these Math Packets, you must know the exact location where you can find and collect them to complete the mission.

In this guide, we are going to show you the locations of crystal meth packets in the Ready or Not.

So, without any further ado let’s start,

Where to Find All Crystal Meth Packets in Ready or Not

Because of the huge map, finding the Meth Packet in Read or Not is troublesome. If you are having trouble finding the exact location of Meth Packets in Read Or Not then keep reading this post.

Crystal Meth Packet Location in Raid Mode

There are two Meth Packet locations that you will have to discover in Ready or Not.

First Meth Packet location:

To find the first Meth Packet in Raid Mode, you will have to make your way to the laundromat.

Once you get there, you need to make your work to the back room and then head to the left side. When you get there, you will find the Meth Packet on the shelf.

Second Meth Packet Location:

To find and collect the second Meth Packet in Raid Moe, you will have to make your way out of the laundromat.

Once you get out of the Laundromat, take the right turn and then go upstairs and make your way to the blue-and-white tinted house.

Now, go through the front door and make your way left and go upstairs from there and then make your way down the hallway.

Once you are in the hallway, go inside the first room located on your right side and then take the right turn.

On the bottom right side of the desk, you will find the second Meth Packet. When you collect the evidence, you will have the mission completed.

Crystal Meth Packet Location in Barricaded Suspects

If you are playing Barricaded Suspects, go to the locations below to collect the meth packets.

First packet location:

In the Barricaded Suspect, there are two Meth packets and the quickest way to get them is from the very front of the house.

Make your way inside the house and go to the kitchen. When you get into the Kitchen, you will find the first packet of crystal meth inside the torn refrigerator.

Second Packet Location:

Once you collect the first evidence, you will have to go ahead and make your way into the backyard.

Head through the backyard until you get to the staircase and head over the wall in front of you.

Now make your way to the house that’s in the backyard. From there, go ahead and take a right and then your immediate left.

After that, look down at the bottom of the stairs to get the second Meth Packet in Barricaded Suspects.

That’s all you need to know about how and where to find Meth Packet in Ready or Not.

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