Peroxide Beginner Guide (May 2024)

Welcome to the Roblox Peroxide Beginner Guide. This Roblox Game is inspired by the popular anime Bleach. In this article, we shall guide you through some of the easiest and basic steps to play the popular game.  

When you first load into the game, you’ll spawn somewhere near the city and if you are lucky near Kisuke.

Talk to Kisuke who will guide you on your way to becoming a Soul Reaper as a regular human. He will reveal that to transform into a Soul Reaper you have to first die.

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The next step is to get killed while being a human. The next step after respawning is to press G to transform into a Soul Reaper.

Tasks & Training:

Once you become a Soul Reaper go and meet Kisuke who will then give you low tasks such as picking trash and more. Complete them to level up. On completion of every three levels, you will gain some new skills. Access and select the skills through the orange Reaper symbol.

Training Stats: 

For genuine progress in the game, you need to train your stats. 

Here is how to do so:

  • Agility: Using the treadmill in the dojo.
  • Vitality: Train for increasing your health.
  • Riyatsu: Train it under your health bar.
  • Strength: Use the tools in the dojo to train it.  
  • Spirit: Train by stepping on the blue mats and following on-screen instructions.

Combat and Fighting:

Combat stats are crucial so learn to ward off or block to gain advantage in battles. 


If you need to boost your stats immediately then you need to fight against characters like Kisuke. There’s a 30-minute cooldown, but it can be reset using a Product Essence that can be acquired via redeeming codes.

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Maintaining Power:

If your hunger bar depletes then your Riyatsu won’t regenerate. So keep an eye on your hunger bar and keep it replenished by eating the necessary things. 

Shops and Invasions:

Visit shops and get some unique different Soul Reaper outfits. Then speak to Captain Tojo for invasions. 

Gaining Stats:

Fill up the Soul Gourd with the killed Hollows and gift it to Kisuke. He will soon grant you stats in the domain you wish to be in.  

Basic Controls of Peroxide

Money Indicator will show you the amount of money you currently have.

Health Bar: Indicates your current health status. 

Blocking (Left): This is the cooldown after blocking an attack.

Uppercut (Middle): This will showcase the cooldown post using the Uppercut move.

Dash (Right): This shows the cooldown after dashing.

Level Indicator: Displays your level in the game.

Reiatsu Gauge: This showcases your spiritual energy.  

Here are some basic controls:

 Press Mouse 1 or Left Click for Light Attack  

 Press Mouse 2 or Right Click for Heavy Attack: 

 Press Q to quickly move around or Dash.

  Post achieving 10 agility, your Dash will upgrade to a Flashstep. Press Q to use Flashstep.

 For the animation based on your current mode Press G to Transform: 

While using Flashstep, press Mouse 2 for Uppercut. This powerful move delivers a strong blow to the opponent.

Tips & Tricks

To gain traction in the game the best thing to do as a newbie is to master basic controls. When you are more at ease with light and heavy attacks only then move on to incorporating dashes and flash steps in combat strategy.

Some moves consume more energy, so keep an eye on your gauge. But a word of caution do use this transformation wisely as it cannot only be advantageous, but also predictable.

Hope this answers all your queries regarding the Peroxide Beginner Guide for new players.

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