Peroxide Vizard Guide: How to Unlock Vizard in Peroxide

Roblox game Peroxide is inspired by the popular anime Bleach. In the vast world of Peroxide, players can unlock many transformations such as Soul Reaper, Hollow, or Quincy to play the game.

But among them, the best is the Vizard. It is the ultimate form of the Soul Reaper. To get Vizard in Peroxide, you must choose Soul Reaper and continue progress to unlock Vizard.

Peroxide Vizard Guide

Vizard is one of the beneficial modes and will boost your stats in Peroxide. It provides the player with the ability to use the Arrancar moves. Vizard significantly boosts your stats. Now you must be wondering how to Unlock Vizard in Peroxide. 

How to unlock Vizard in Peroxide

  • Reach Level 165 as a  Soul Reaper.
  • Collect Impure Hogyoku.
  • Use the Impure Hogyoku to transform.
Peroxide Vizard Guide

Shinigami(Soul Reaper) at Max Level: 

You need to reach the Max Soul Reaper level which ensures that the player is prepared for further challenges after undergoing some rigorous game experiences. This can be done by reaching Level 165 as a Shinigami.  

Impure Hogyoku: 

Post reaching the max Soul Reaper Level, you need to get an Impure Hogyoku.

Vizard Level: 

Post gaining the Impure Hogyuku, you will undergo a transformation sequence and as it completes you will emerge as a Vizard.  

Peroxide Vizard Guide

How to Become Vizard In Peroxide?

  • To become a Vizard in Peroxide, you need to be a Shinigami at Level 165 and have five to eight Hogyoku fragments. 
  • By doing raids, you can get Hogyoku fragments.
  • The next step after gaining Hogyoku fragments is to pop them on your Soul Reaper. This will result in falling on the ground.
  • On falling down you will see white particles that mark your transformation into Vizard. 

How to Get Impure Hogyoku in Peroxide

Peroxide Vizard Guide

One of the rare items in Roblox Peroxide is the impure Hogyoku. To get this rare item, you will have to gain Time Remnant. 

Completing game modes like Invasion, Time Gate, and Incursion will reward you with Time Remnants.

Upon opening the Time Remnant, you will be given a choice of three rewards one of them being the Impure Hogyoku. 

Once you have transformed into a Vizard on using the Time Remnant, you will need a mask. To get your mask, press Seven on your ability bar. Increasing your Vizard to the max level will help you unleash powerful Shinigami moves. But do not forget to equip your mask or your strength will decrease.  

Peroxide Vizard Guide

How to Equip the Vizard Mask in Peroxide

To equip the Vizard Mask in Peroxide press seven or hover over and press seven to equip your Vizard Mask.

How Does Being a  Vizard Help in Peroxide?

Being a Vizard adds a new layer to your gameplay. You can now choose which stat to pick for a boost. A wisely selected stat ensures a well-maintained progression ahead. 

 Stat Boost:  There will be an increase in your stats.  But if you are not using the mask your strength will decrease.

Boost Levels depend on your Mastery level:

  • Mastery 1: 6% boost
  • Mastery 2: 9% boost
  • Mastery 3: 12% boost

Vizard Gauge: It is found on the left side of your screen. It indicates your Vizard strength.  

The Vizard transformation will give an added power surge to your game for an incredible adventure! 

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