Is MindLuster.Com Safe? All You Need to Know (2024)

Ever since 2020 when the entire world was hit by COVID, most of the educational institutions along with other things were shut down. Online education went on to be the only saving grace for children. Today we have many such online educational websites one of them being Mind Luster

Mindluster legit or safe

Mind Luster is an educational website providing free certificate courses. Now many of you must be wondering if MindLuster.Com is safe. Is MindLuster.Com Legit? Is Mind Luster Site fake or real? and many more questions.

In this article, we shall provide you with most of the answers to your questions. So read on to know all about MindLuster.Com and is it worth a try.

What Is Mind Luster?

MindLuster is an online education website with a vast array of courses that is available to students for free of cost.  It also lets them access their vast library free of cost. On completing a course students receive a certificate too.

Mind Luster is on a mission to provide the best training courses and has become a hub for over three million students annually, offering them a vast library of free online courses.

One of the core principles of Mind Luster is that education should be free and accessible to all. Mind Luster believes that financial constraints should not be a barrier to education. By offering all their courses for free, they ensure that anyone can have access to quality education. Their aim to provide free education is what sets Mind Luster apart from other online learning platforms.

Does Mind Luster Provide Certificates For Courses?

Mindluster legit or safe

Mind Luster is an educational website that provides training courses. They provide 300,000 Online Courses and MOOCs With Free Certificates in one place.  Be it technology, business, arts, or computers, Mind Luster has a course for you. They also provide access to a huge library free of cost.

The courses provided by them digitally are for free. Each course is presented in high quality, ensuring that learners get the best education from them.

Post completing your course you will receive a certificate from Mind Luster. However, the certificates are not certified by any government or university.  They will serve as proof that you have completed the course. 

These certificates will be a valuable asset in your CV or resume as a testament to your knowledge of that particular field,

Mind Luster Courses List

Mindluster legit or safe
  • Programming
  • Graphic Design
  • Business
  • Science
  • Computer Science
  • Marketing
  • Languages
  • Soft Skills
  • Woman and Beauty
  • Engineering
  • Medical
  • Real Estate
  • Drawing
  • Music, Computer Software
  • Cooking
  • Career Development
  • Mobile Development and many more besides these.

Who Are The Top Competitors of Mind Luster?

Here are some platforms like Mind Luster that you can use as its alternative.

  • Udemy – San Francisco-based Public Company
  • upGrad – Mumbai-based Series B company
  • Simplilearn – San Francisco-based Acquired Company
  • Mind Luster ranks 4,356th among them.

How To Get a Certificate From Mind Luster

Getting your free certificate from Mindluster is a straightforward process. 

  • Go to
  • Make Your Account
  • You can use your email ID to make a new account
  • As you complete your sign-in process
  • A list of courses will be seen
  • Tap on the course you need to join
  • On joining you will receive all the videos
  • On completion of your course, you will receive a certificate.
  • If you face any difficulty send a mail to their registered email ID 
  • They will soon respond to your query.

Is MindLuster safe?

Mind Luster was founded in 2021 and the domain name has been registered for many years to come so we think that the platform is legit.

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