How to Get Geppo In Fruit Warriors (2024)

Do you want to get Geppo in Roblox Frui Warriors? If your answer is YES then you are at the right place.

In this post, we will not only teach you the easiest methods to obtain Geppo but also tell you its requirements.

If you really want to learn this amazing ability in Fruit Warriors, make sure to read this post till the end.

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Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Learning Geppo Ability In Fruit Warriors

To get Geppo ability in Fruit Warriors, you need to head to Snow Island, which can be found behind Starter Island.

Before you go to Snow Island and meet the Geppo Teacher, make sure you have 100 Stamina and 50k Beli.

Once you have obtained these things in Fruit Warriors, head to Snow Island. After getting there, you need to find an Elevator.

Once found, go there and stand in the middle of the elevator and go to the top of Snow Island.

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When you get there, you will find the Geppo Teacher there. If you are struggling to find Geppo Teacher’s location then watch the following video.

Once you have found the Geppo Teacher, interact with him.

When you do so, he will tell you that Geppo is an ability that allows you to jump in the air multiple times.

If you want to learn Geppo’s ability then click on the Yeah button.

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When you do so, you will be asked to pay 100 Stamina and 50K Beli to learn the Geppo ability.

If you have 50K beli and 100 Stamina, click on the ‘I want to learn’ button.

When you do so, you will get the Geppo ability in Fruit Warriors.

That’s the only way to get Geppo ability in Roblox Fruit Warriors.

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