Sourcetree Not Opening in Windows 11 Fix (2024)

Sourcetree is a free Git GUI for Windows and Mac. It provides developers with a User-friendly environment to work on Git repositories.

It eliminates the command line and the users can easily pull files without the command lines. But recently users are facing an issue with Sourcetree not opening in Windows 11. 

In this post, we shall share with you all the reasons Sourcetree is unable to open in Windows 11. Apart from sharing reasons, we will teach you a bunch of ways that can be used to resolve the Sourcetree not opening problem.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

What Is Git?

Git is a version control system designed to help developers track and manage changes to their code.

Created by Linus Torvalds, Git allows developers to create different versions of their code and track who made what changes and when. It is used in the software development industry.

What Is A Git GUI(Graphical User Interfaces)? 

A Git GUI is a software application that simplifies the process of working with Git. GUI makes it easier for developers to manage and collaborate on code. There are many Git GUI’s in the market, one of them is Sourcetree, created by Atlassian.  

Sourcetree caters to both beginners and experts. It has features like visualizing work progress and making changes along with comprehensive tutorials. But post a Windows update, many users are facing the issue with Sourcetree as it is not opening in Windows.

Here are some of the reasons that could cause the Sourcetree not to open in Windows 11:

Due to the Windows Update, some Windows OS files or System Settings are modified. The Sourcetree application file is damaged or corrupted.

Here are the reasons why this error occurs:

  • Corrupted update files
  • Update breaks the installation
  • Misconfigured settings

How to Fix Sourcetree Not Opening In Windows 11?

To fix the Sourcetree not opening in Windows 11, you need to follow the steps written below:

  • Clear recent updates or App Data Folder
  • Press Windows and R keys to open the Run Command Box.
  • Type %localappdata% in the input box and press Enter
  • Doing this open the Local folder path
  • Locate and double-click on Atlassian Folder
  • Delete all the folders in Atlassian except the Sourcetree folder.
  • Restart your computer
  • Relaunch the Sourcetree application.
  • Complete the registration process.
  • Try pulling the file from Git
  • It will work fine without any issues
  • If the issue continues then Uninstall and Reinstall Sourcetree
  • Uninstall And Reinstall The Sourcetree
  • In the Windows search bar, 
  • Type Add or Remove Programs
  • Click on it from the search list.
  • Scroll down to find the Sourcetree Application.
  • Click on it and Tab on Uninstall.
  • To reinstall, go to Sourcetree’s official website
  • Download the setup file.
  • Right-click on it 
  • Run as Administrator to install it.
  • To check if the issue is solved, configure your Git account with Sourcetree.
  • Next, try to pull the repositories.
  • You will see the application is working 
  • Hope you have found this helpful.

That’s all you need to know about how to fix the Sourcetree not opening in Windows 11.

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