How To Resolve Payday 3 Solo Not Working (2024)

Is Payday 3 Solo not working? Find out why and what you can do to enjoy solo mode in the game. 

Payday 3 is a cooperative first-person shooter game. It is a sequel to Payday: The Heist and is the third game in the Payday series. 

However, a lot of players who want to play the solo mode are unable to do so in the traditional sense. This is because Payday 3 is focused on online gameplay and does not have the regular solo mode.

This means that even when you are trying to play solo, you will have to undergo the matchmaking process. While this can be a big issue for players just trying to enjoy a solo match, there is no way around it. 

However, this does not mean the game is completely ruling out a solo mode. Further updates and patches released by the game’s developers could focus on enhancing the solo player experience.

For now, players can only play solo in the game through workaround methods. Let us take a look at some of these methods below.

How To Resolve Payday 3 Solo Not Working?


While the game does not have a dedicated solo mode, it is possible for players to enjoy the game without having to play with others. You can follow the steps mentioned below to overcome the Payday 3 Solo Not Working issue.

  • Start by selecting the mission you wish to take on.
  • Now, go to the lobby settings.
  • Opt for the “Invite Only” setting to ensure that no other players can join your game.
  • Click on the “Matchmaking” option, and the game will promptly find a solo game for you.
  • In the equipment menu, verify that you are the only player in the game.
  • Once you’re happy with your settings, press the “Ready” button to start the mission, with computer-controlled teammates providing support.

You can also interact with other Payday 3 players through platforms like Reddit or Discord to find out about the issues that they are facing and any useful tricks they might have to remedy the Payday 3 Solo Not Working issue. 

This is a good way to build a community spirit while also getting workaround solutions to issues that do not have any official resolutions. 

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Will There Be A Dedicated Solo Mode In Payday 3?

While there is no speculation about a solo mode being introduced in the game, it is still very early days. It is not impossible to imagine that the game developers may introduce a solo mode with future updates if there is enough demand for it.

Why Does The Matchmaking Take So Long In Payday 3?

Since the game has launched very recently, there are a lot of players who want to try their hands at the game. Unfortunately, this results in the game servers being overworked and the wait time is even longer for players trying to enjoy solo mode. 

This is because the server needs to create a private instance when matchmaking players for solo mode. 

Does Restarting The Matchmaking Process Reduce The Waiting Time? 

Usually restarting the matchmaking process when it is taking too long to connect does not reduce the wait time. However, in certain instances, it could be useful as it gives matchmaking a fresh start and removes any bugs or glitches that may be causing the delay. 

Some players have stated that it is easier to connect on smaller missions as compared to the long, complicated ones. 

For now, it might be best to play along with the multiplayer mode if you do not wish to wait for too long. 

This is how you can resolve the Payday 3 Solo Not Working issue. We hope that the guide was helpful to you. 

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