Pixel Piece Sea Beast Location – How to Spawn Sea Beast Boss (2024)

Do you know how to spawn the Sea Beast boss in Pixel Piece? If your answer is NO then don’t look further as we have got you covered.

Before I show you the exact location of the Sea Beast boss in Pixel Piece, let me tell you that this boss has just been added to the game.

Earlier, the Sea Beast boss was not available in the game. With Update 1, the devs added plenty of new things to Pixel Piece. One of them is the Sea Beast boss.

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To know how to spawn this newly added boss in Pixel Piece, you need to keep on reading.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Spawning Sea Beast Boss In Pixel Piece (2024)

To spawn Sea Beast Boss in Pixel Piece, you simply need to spawn a boat and head to the Central Island.

Once you reach the Central Island, you need to get to the top of the Mountain or Hill. When you do so, you will see Beast Pose kept on a table as shown in the below picture.

Spawn Sea Beast Boss In Pixel Piece

When you approach the Beast Pose, you will be asked to pay 1500 Gold to purchase the Beast Pose. If you don’t have enough Gold then click on the link to learn multiple ways to get Gold fast in Pixel Piece.

Notably, you can’t spawn the Sea Beast Boss in Pixel Piece without purchasing the Beast Post.

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Once you have successfully purchased the Beast Pose, open up the Backpack and then go to Items and equip the Beast Pose.

Spawn Sea Beast Boss In Pixel Piece

Once equipped, you need to go to Beast Island.

Before you head to Beast Island, make sure your server time is Zero or close to a multiple of 20 because the newly added Sea Beast boss spawns every 20 minutes.

Once you get to Beast Island, you need to wait because the Sea Beast boss spawns every 20 minutes of the server time.

This is the only way to spawn Sea Beast Boss in Pixel Piece. While you are here, you might be to learn how to get SwordHakiBlack Leg and Devil Fruits in Roblox Pixel Piece.

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