How to Spawn & Get Fruits In Pixel Piece (2024) – Pixel Piece Fruit Guide

Do you want to buy Devil Fruits in Pixel Piece? If your answer is YES then you are in the perfect place.

There are tons of players who are currently searching for ways to obtain Devil Fruits in Roblox Pixel Piece. While you are here, you must be one of those players.

Since Fruits play a pivotal role in games like Pixel Piece, I advise you to check out our fruit tier list first. In our tier list, we have ranked all devil fruits into multiple tiers – S, A, B, C, and D.

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Once you go through the tier list, you will have enough information to select which Fruit you must obtain first in Pixel Piece.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Getting Devil Fruits in Pixel Piece (2024)

There are two ways that can be used to obtain devil fruits in Pixel Piece — Find Spawned Fruits and Buy Fruits with Robux.

To make your work easier, we will explain both methods here:

Method 1: Find Spawned Fruits

The first method needs you to find fruits that spawn in both the Public and Private Servers. For the unversed, devil fruits spawn in Public Server every 30 minutes whereas they spawn in Private Server every hour and 30 Minutes.

Notably, irrespective of whether you are playing Pixel Piece on a public or private server, fruits despawn after 20 minutes.

If you to find spawned fruits in Pixe Piece quickly, I advise you to buy Fruit Notifier Gamepass.

Method 2: Purchase With Robux

To purchase Devil Fruits in Pixel Piece, you need to find a Fruit Seller first, who can be found on Central Port Island.

To go to Central Port Island, you need to pull out a boat from the Starter Island and head in the South direction.

After reaching the edge of the South Direction, take the right turn and then go straight. When you do so, you will see Central Port Island.

If you are having trouble finding the Central Port Island in Pixel Piece, watch the following YouTube video.

After reaching Central Port Island, you will find all fruits available in Pixel Piece.

There, you can select your favorite Fruits and purchase them with either Beli or Robux.

Once you have successfully purchased a devil fruit in Pixel Piece, head towards the chest and equip it.

Once equipped, you can use its special abilities and skills to defeat enemies and bosses.

That’s all you need to know about how to get Devil Fruits in Pixel Piece. If you want to get a lot of Beli for free in Pixel Piece, don’t forget to redeem its codes.

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