How To Fix Character AI Not Working(2023)

AI or Artificial Intelligence has been all the rage ever since Open AI introduced Chat GPT. It is currently one of the most used BOT. Similar to ChatGPT there is another AI tool called Character. AI. Character AI uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create and manage characters. But many users are facing Character AI Not Working Issues.

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Well, if you are one of them there here we share with you certain steps to solve it easily.

Why is Character AI not working?

Character.AI doesn’t have considerable servers to host many users so it often leads to disruption of services.

Character AI Not Working Issue

Here are some of the reasons for the Character AI not working issue:

The service is currently down due to scheduled maintenance. Outdated app versions, Inadequate storage space, Corrupt app or cache, Network Issue or too much traffic.

Character AI servers are Down

To check the server status you should go to the Character AI status page. If the servers are down or under maintenance then do wait and it will be back up as soon as the maintenance is completed.

Check Internet Connection

Check if your Internet connection is stable. Erratic connectivity can also cause app errors. Do a speed test or if one is using mobile data then switch to Wifi or if you are using Wifi then switch to mobile data.

Clear browser cache

If you have not cleared your browser for a long time you may face Character AI not working issue. So do clear the cache as soon as possible to solve the issue.

  • Navigate to the Settings
  • Select Apps
  • Locate the Character AI app.
  • Click on Storage.
  • Clear cache and then Clear data
  • Restart and check if Character.AI works

Disable Chrome Extensions:

  • Open Google Chrome on your PC
  • Click on the three dots
  • Go to More tools
  • Click on Extensions.
  • Toggle the switch to disable the extensions

Switch browsers

You can also switch browsers to solve Character AI not working issue. Trying out an alternative browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge may solve Character AI not working issue problem and access the tool.

Character AI Logo

Disable firewall

Your firewall could also be obstructing the functioning of Character AI. Temporarily disabling it can help you determine if it is the root cause.

  • Click on the Windows.
  • Click on the Control Panel
  • Tap on System and Security.
  • Click Windows Defender Firewall.
  • Tap on Windows Defender Firewall
  • Click it on or off.

Restart your device

Restart your device as it often clears any temporary glitches or connectivity issues interfering with the Character AI.

  • Press the Power button for a few seconds
  • Click on the Restart option
  • This will shut down your device.
  • Power it back on

Check for software updates

If you’re facing Character AI not working issue then do check for updates. An outdated app may lead to functionality issues so update the app soon.

  • Go to Google Play Store
  • Search Character AI.
  • If an update is available
  • Click on Update to install it.
Character AI characters

Use a VPN

Geographical restrictions may also be causing the Character AI not working error. So you should use a VPN service to bypass these restrictions and gain access to the app.

If after trying all the above solutions you are still facing the issue then contact customer support. You must reach out to the Character AI application’s customer support team. They can provide you with solutions to solve the issue.

What is Character AI?

Character AI uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create and manage characters. These characters can be designed to have unique speech patterns, personalities and more to make them more human-like. They can be used to interact in a human-like manner.

Hope the tutorial on how to fix the Character AI chat error was helpful to you.

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