MyFiosGateway Not Working Problem Fix (2024) is a web address that is used to access the admin interface of the Verizon router.

From this webpage, Verizon Router owners can make changes to different network settings including their WIFI password.

Unfortunately, Verizon router users are unable to access and reported the “MyFiosGateway not working” problem on social media.

If you are also a Verizon router user and unable to make changes in your WIFI network settings because of the “Myfiosgateway not working” problem then don’t worry.

In this guide, we will walk you through some easy ways that can be used to fix the “MyFiosGateway not working” problem.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Why Are You Facing the “MyFiosGateway Not Working” Problem?

There are several reasons that could cause the “MyFiosGateway Not Working” problem. To make your work easier, we have mentioned some possible reasons here:

  • Network Connectivity Issues: It is likely that you are unable to access because of a poor or unstable internet connection.
  • Router configuration: As you know is used to access the Settings and configuration of your Verizon Fios Router, if you are unable to access this portal then it is possible that there are issues in your router’s configuration or settings that prevent your access to the portal.
  • Browser Issues: Sometimes, users are unable to access any website or domain because there is an issue with the web browser.
  • Website or Server Issues: It is likely that is facing technical issues due to server outages.

Irrespective of what reason is leading to the “MyFiosGateway Not Working” problem, you can fix this problem by using the methods mentioned below.

How to Fix the “Myfiosgateway Not Working” Problem

Method 1: Connect the Device to Router

To access on your device, your device must be connected to the same WIFI network.

If your device is connected to any other network, you won’t be able to access the portal and make any changes.

Once you successfully access the portal, you will be prompted to insert your login credentials.

Method 2: Configure Windows Date & Time

If you are connected with the same WIFI network but are still facing the “MyFiosGateway Not Working” problem then chances are high that the date and time of your device are incorrect.

If that is the case then you can configure or adjust the date and time of your Windows operating system by following the steps written below.

  • On your Windows device, click on the Windows icon and select Settings.
  • This will open up a new window with multiple settings options, select the “Date & Language” option.
  • Toggle ON the “Automatic time and time zone Setting”.
  • This will enable the automatic selection of time and date.
  • Now, open your web browser again and see if you are able to access the portal or not.
  • That’s it.

Method 3: Access In Incognito Mode

If you have tried both methods but are still facing the same problem then the next thing you need to do is try accessing the in an incognito mode.

The best thing about the incognito mode is it does not save cookies, browsing data, and login data.

To do so, you need to press the Ctrl + Shift + N keys together on your keyboard or click on Three Dots and select the New incognito window option.

Once the incognito mode is opened, go to and check whether you are able to access the portal or not.

If you are still unable to access then there is an issue in your web browser. Try another browser to access

That’s all, we hope this guide helped you fix the “MyFiosGateway Not Working” problem.

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