How To Fix eBay Listing Doesn’t Appear (2024)

eBay is an e-commerce website where you can buy or sell a wide variety of products like electronics, cars, clothes, collectibles, and more.

However, if your eBay listing doesn’t appear after posting, we will explain how to fix it in this guide.

There can be a multitude of reasons behind your eBay listing not showing up. In order to fix the eBay listing doesn’t appear issue, you will first need to identify the cause behind it. 

In this guide, we will take a look at each probable reason and the way to go around fixing it. 

Ways To Fix The Ebay Listing Doesn’t Appear Issue

Listings are quite crucial for sellers on eBay. It includes a lot of crucial information about the item being put up for sale.

A typical eBay listing involves information like a title, photo, description, price, payment method, and shipping information.

If your eBay listing doesn’t appear, you need to determine the root cause and fix it. We have listed the reasons why your listing may not be showing or may have been removed. 

We will also share how to fix the issue in each cause.

It’s Not Been 24 Hours 

  • Cause: If you put your listing less than 24 hours ago, it will not be active on the search results page.
  • Fix: Just wait 24 hours for the listing to go live and then check back to see if it is appearing in the search results. 

Revised Listing 

  • Cause: You have revised your listing within 24 hours.
  • Fix: You will have to wait another 24 hours after revising the listing for it to appear. 

Duplicate Listing 

  • Cause: You have multiple listings for the same item with different prices or different titles.
  • Fix: eBay does not allow multiple listings for the same item with different prices or titles from the same seller. If eBay detects such a listing, it will be taken down and there is no fix for it. 

Banned Product Listing

  • Cause: There are certain products that are prohibited on eBay like cigarettes or firearms. eBay does not allow sellers to list these items.
  • Fix: If you have listed a restricted item, eBay will take down the listing. Go through the list of banned products in their guidelines before posting a listing. 


  • Cause: eBay does not allow items that infringe on any intellectual property rights. The rightful owners of the intellectual property can reach out to eBay to have the item removed.
  • Fix: Remove any infringing material from the item you are selling like video, images, and text that you do not have permission to use. 


  • Cause: Your listing contains links to other sites. 
  • Fix: eBay does not allow links in a listing unless they direct to other eBay sites, contain legally required information, credit third-party providers, or display product videos from eBay-approved sites. If your link does not meet these criteria, it is best to remove them from your listing. 

Offensive Or Illegal Content

  • Cause: If the item is offensive or illegal in nature, the listing will be removed.
  • Fix: Remove any content that supports or glorifies discrimination, violence, and hatred. eBay is extremely vigilant about removing such listings. 

Unrelated Keywords

  • Cause: You are using keywords that attract more buyers but do not relate to your item.
  • Fix: Your listing should specifically have keywords that relate directly to the item. Catchy but unrelated keywords can force eBay to take down your listing for being misleading. 

Sell Different Condition Items

  • Cause: As a seller, you have to be open about the condition of the items you are selling. If you are inconsistent and selling new and used items in the same listing, eBay can remove that listing.
  • Fix: Be specific when describing the condition of the product and do not be misleading.

These are all the reasons why your eBay listing doesn’t appear and all the ways to fix it. We hope that this guide was helpful to you. 

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