Cristiano Ronaldo’s Video Of Performing Sujood (Namaz) Goes Viral (2024)

After scoring a winning goal for Al Nassr FC, Cristiano Ronaldo was seen performing Sujood (a part of Namaz), an act purposely done with the intention of worshipping Allah.

You may have seen this gesture on the field a lot of times but this time it is done by none other than Cristiano Ronaldo.

Ronaldo used to do Siuu signature after scoring a goal but looks like he ditched it for a better Al Nassr.

As soon as Ronaldo performed sujood, a Muslim act of prostration, the video went viral like wildfire on the internet.

The video of Cristiano Ronaldo’s performing sujood comes a few days after the Spanish media speculated Ronaldo’s exit from Al Nassr. In their report, they claimed that Ronaldo feels life in Saudi Arabia is very far from modern society.

However, the report was denied by Ronaldo’s agency. If you watch his latest video, Ronaldo is indeed enjoying his life to the fullest in Saudi Arabia.

Apart from playing for Saudi Arabia, Ronaldo seems to be absorbing Middle Eastern Culture.

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