Does Snap Score Go Up From Chats? – Answered

Are you wondering if your Snap Score goes up from Chats? What are the factors that affect a Snap Score? Find all the answers with this guide.

Snapchat is a multimedia instant messaging app and service that allows pictures and messages to be shared for a short time?

According to Snapchat, “Your Snapchat score is determined by a super-secret, special equation that combines the number of Snaps you’ve sent and received, the Stories you’ve posted, and a couple of other factors.”

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This might sound like a vague formula to determine a Snap Score. However, by the end of this article, you will have a better idea regarding what increases a Snap Score and what doesn’t.

Does Snap Score Go Up From Chats?

The Snap Score is not increased with the chats. Snapchat makes it clear that the Snap Score is calculated by the number of Snaps you’ve sent and received combined with the stories you have posted. 

So, if you are not sending or receiving Snaps, your chat will not have much of an impact on your Snap Score. 

Now that you know that your chat does not affect your Snap Score, you might be curious to know how you can check your Snap Score. 

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This is quite easy and you only have to follow the steps given below. 

  • Go to the Snapchat app.
  • Click on your Bitmoji avatar. This is located in the top-left corner.
  • You will be able to see your Snap Score on the Profile page. 

It is even possible for you to check out the Snap Score of other Snapchat users. If you wish to do so, the steps are listed below. 

  • Go to the Snapchat app.
  • Click on your Bitmoji avatar. This is located in the top-left corner.
  • From the Profile page, select the My Friends option.
  • Click on the friend whose Snapchat you want to see.
  • This will open their Profile page.
  • Here, you will be able to see their Snap Score just like on your own profile. 

So, now that you know how to check your Snapchat score and that it isn’t affected by your chats, you might be wondering how you can increase your Snap Score. Let us discuss this below.

How To Increase Your Snap Score? 

The best way to increase your Snap Score is by sending photo and video snaps. In addition, you can also gain a Snap point by posting stories on Snapchat.  

It is also important to note that sending the same snap to multiple users will not increase your Snap Score. Only original snaps get evaluated in the Snap Score for a user.

The best way to increase your Snap Score is by adding new friends so that you can send snap images or videos to them. 

It is a great option to experiment with your snaps instead of sticking to one style. You can add texts, GIFs, stickers, and other edits to a snap to make it original and count towards your Snap Score.

These are the only legitimate ways to increase your Snap Score. There are a lot of apps and sites that claim that they can increase Snap Score. However, these apps and sites are usually a scam.

You might even get your account banned for using a third-party app or site to manipulate your Snap Score. It is best to avoid using such tools as they are not only ineffective but can also be used to steal your data. 

We hope that this article answers the question of whether the Snap score goes up from Chats. 

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