Snapchat My AI Something Went Wrong Error Fix (2024)

Are you facing the Snapchat My AI Something Went Wrong error? If your answer is YES then look no further as we have written a guide explaining how to fix it now.

Snapchat is a multimedia instant messaging app. It has recently introduced My AI, which is a chatbot designed to assist with a number of tasks and answer different queries that users might have.

However, the new feature is not without its set of faults. Many users have been experiencing the Snapchat My AI Something Went Wrong error when trying to use the feature. 

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To understand how to fix the Snapchat My AI Something Went Wrong error, we first have to understand the reason behind it.

In this guide, you will get a better understanding of the reasons that can cause this error as well as how to fix them.

What Causes The Snapchat My AI Something Went Wrong Error?

There can be multiple reasons that cause this error to occur. Let us take a look at some of them below. 

  • Snapchat bug: Sometimes the issue may be as simple as a temporary bug in the Snapchat app. 
  • Traffic overload: At times, there might be too many users trying to access My AI at the same time. This can lead to a traffic overload which can result in this error showing up for certain users.
  • Connectivity Error: Sometimes a slow or unstable internet connection can also cause this error message to occur while using Snapchat My AI. 
  • Server maintenance or technical difficulties: When Snapchat is undergoing server maintenance, users that try to access My AI will receive this error message. The same is also true for times when Snapchat My AI is facing technical issues. 
  • Unsupported language: If your query is in a different language than English, Snapchat My AI may not be able to understand it and you will see the Something Went Wrong error.
  • Complicated questions: When you ask something make sure the question is clear and precise. My AI does not respond well to vague or complicated queries. 
  • Updates: If the Snapchat app is not updated, it might cause errors. Go to your app store and update to the latest available version.
  • Cache: Too much Cache data can also be a reason behind the error.

Now, that you know the reasons behind the error, let us discuss how you can solve the Snapchat My AI Something Went Wrong error.

How To Fix Snapchat My AI Something Went Wrong Error?

There are multiple ways to fix the Snapchat My AI Something Went Wrong error. Depending on the reason why you are facing this error, any of these fixes might work for you. Let us take a look at all of them below. 

Check Your Internet Connection

If you are facing the Something Went Wrong error when using Snapchat My AI, the first thing to do is check if you have a strong and stable internet connection. 

This can be done by using online internet speed tests. If your connection is good, then you can move on to the next fix.

Restart The App

Another fix that you can try out is relaunching the Snapchat app and then checking if the issue has been fixed.

Check For Updates

Another reason for Snapchat My AI getting the Something Went Wrong error is that the app is not updated.

To fix this, you can simply check for new updates and get the latest version of the app. You can follow the steps given below to do so.

  • Go to your Google Play/App Store.
  • Search for the Snapchat app.
  • Update the app if there is an update available. 
  • Restart the app to see if the issue is fixed.

Clear Cache 

You can follow the steps given below to clear the cache.

  • Go to Settings on your mobile device.
  •  Select the Apps option.
  • Find Snapchat from the list of apps.
  • Click on Snapchat and select Clear Cache and Clear Data options.
  • Confirm and the Cache will now be cleared. 

Restart The Device

Sometimes fixing this error can be as simple as restarting your device.  This usually happens because once you turn the device off all the background apps shut down as well and when you restart the app, it is also started fresh. 

Log Out And Log Back In

Another way to fix the error is by logging out of Snapchat and then logging back in. You should wait for a few seconds before you attempt to log back in after logging out.

Contact Snapchat Support

If none of the fixes given above work for you, you should contact Snapchat support to seek a solution to the error that you are getting. 

These are all the ways you can fix the Snapchat My AI Something Went Wrong Error. We hope that this guide was helpful to you.

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