How to Delete Reviews On Amazon (2024)

Amazon provides many features to its customer, one of them is Product Review. By using this feature, customers give reviews on products so that other customers get an idea about product quality and other parameters and make decisions before they purchase items.

But some users are using this feature to defame a product by writing negative reviews. When potential buyers read those reviews on Amazon, they hesitate and are forced to think twice before they place an order.

As a seller, you have to face unhappy customers as well because your product does not fulfil every customer’s expectations.

If you are a seller and worried about negative or bad reviews on Amazon then you are in the right place.

In this guide, we will teach you how to handle negative reviews and delete them from Amazon.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

How to Handle Negative Reviews

If you find any negative reviews on your Amazon product then you must handle it by directly responding to customer reviews and politely explaining to them what you did to fix the problem, it would not happen again.

Show them how important their feedbacks are and how seriously you take them to improve your services and resolve issues.

If customers are still not satisfied with your explanation then you can ask them to report their problem to customer support and contact you.

Remember asking the buyer to contact you via another platform like email or personal contact is against Amazon’s terms and conditions. So avoid sending a personal email or contact number.

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Directly responding to customers’ reviews will reduce the damage caused by bad reviews on your product.

How to Delete Bad Reviews On Amazon

Nobody knows the amount of damage negative reviews could cause on Amazon. To prevent yourself from losing profits on Amazon, you must know how to remove or delete Amazon’s negative reviews.

If your customers are giving bad reviews on your products then you need to wait for some time until Amazon itself removes those reviews.

Yes, Amazon removes bad reviews of your product if it is against the guideline of Amazon.

If negative reviews are not deleted by Amazon then you need to write an email to the support team at [email protected] or report a review on the product details page.

Sometimes customers give bad reviews and use offensive words even if they don’t have any problems related to the product, shipping, or packaging.

If that is the case, then you can remove these reviews easily. All you have to do is contact Amazon’s seller support team and get those reviews removed.

Sometimes, your competitors write bad reviews on your product to reduce your sale so that they gain more customers.

In that case, you can report this problem to Amazon Support and prove to them these reviews are from your competitor and ask them to remove them.

If reviews given by customers violate Amazon’s guidelines, you can get those reviews by using the above-mentioned steps.

Notably, make sure to report only reviews that are against Amazon’s guidelines. If you can get too many reports in a short time that means your account is under malicious attack.

In that case, you need to report this problem to Amazon Support and ask them to help you resolve your problem.

That’s all you need to know about how to remove negative reviews from Amazon.

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