Amazon Orders Pending: Everything You Need to Know (2024)

After placing orders on Amazon, we see the Orders Pending status. There are plenty of users who are wondering what Amazon Orders Pending status means and if you are one of those users then don’t worry, we have got you covered.

Notably, you only see Amazon Orders Pending status when Amazon holds your product.

Notably, whenever you place an order on Amazon, you will see this message because they hold your product for 30 minutes to verify things like payment methods and protect buyers by giving them time to cancel their orders.

While you are here, you must have plenty of questions regarding Amazon’s Pending Status message. Don’t you?

If yes then don’t worry, this post will clear all of your doubts. In this post, you’ll learn what is Amazon Orders Pending status and why are you getting this message.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

What is Amazon Orders Pending Status?

Generally, Amazon Orders Pending status appears because Amazon holds your product for some reasons such as Payment verification, or for giving time to buyers so that they can cancel the orders if they want.

In that case, the status of this pending order turned into unshipped in around 30 min. But sometimes, it takes a long time.

This happens because there is an issue from the buyer’s side or in Amazon customer service.

Here are some common reasons that could cause this issue on Amazon:

  • The buyer’s credit/debit card wasn’t authorized
  • The buyer didn’t complete the order
  • One of the items in the FBA order is out of stock
  • if the buyer is qualified for free bulk shipping, items need to be gathered.

In that case, Amazon can hold your product for up to 21 days for verifying the payment method or resolving other problems mentioned above.

As a seller, it is very frustrating to wait for so long because you have to maintain the customer’s trust as well as increase your sales.

Luckily, this is not a common problem, it only happens once in a while.

Why Is My Amazon Orders Pending?

As I mentioned, the most common reason for getting Amazon Orders Pending is because Amazon could not obtain the buyer’s credit card authorization.

Another common reason for this issue is the customer has not completed the purchase yet or has opted for a convenience store payment.

Amazon also mark the product pending because the ordered product is currently out of stock.

If you have ordered multiple products, you might be getting this pending status because Amazon needs some time to gather all of them.

This issue also appears when buyers ordered something during the holidays or peak seasons like Black Friday or Amazon Prime Day.

Why Amazon Digital Products Get A Pending Status?

Just like physical orders, Digital orders could also receive pending status. Unlike physical products, digital products don’t need to be packed or shipped then why Amazon is showing my Pending Status?

You are getting the pending status problem on digital products like books, movies, and other items because of several reasons.

When buyers purchase digital products, Amazon will receive a digital code that is required to access the product but sometimes they don’t get a code instantly which leads to getting the pending status.

You could also see Pending Status on Amazon after ordering digital products because sometimes they fail to authorize the customer’s credit card detail or faces other payment-related issues.

How Does the Amazon Orders Process Work?

Here is how the Amazon orders process works:

  1. A customer places an order.
  2. Amazon verifies the payment method and processes other data. During this period, Amazon shows orders pending.
  3. Once the verification is completed, the pending status turn into unshipped.
  4. If there is an issue in Payment verification, the pending status remains unchanged.
  5. Now, Amazon sends an order notification to the seller.
  6. Once the notification is received, the seller processes and fulfils the order.

That’s all you need to know about Amazon Orders Pending status.

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