Death Must Die Tier List (2024)

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Death Must Die is an action-packed slash game developed by Realm Archive. 

The game features different characters, each with their own weapon playstyle and selectable traits.

The Death Must Die game has a tier list that ranks characters based on their effectiveness in the game

In this guide i will show you the Tier List of Death Must Die.

Death Must Die Tier List

Here’s a summary of the tier list as of April 2024:

S Tier:

  • Kront: Boasts heavy armor and deals massive damage, increasing survivability.
  • Nixi: Features light armor, incredible damage output, and good mobility.

A Tier:

  • Skadi: Wields a greatsword with all-rounder abilities, versatile in any scenario.
  • Avoron: Equipped with efficient heavy armor, slightly weaker than Kront but still one of the best.

B Tier: 

  • Merris: Can cast spells from a distance, requires skill to master.
  • Moirai 
  • Time
  • Lady Justice
  • Krom

These characters are neither highly powered nor the least useful, suitable for new players.

C Tier: (Average)

  • Death 
  • Leigong 
  • Mort 

D Tier: (Weak)

  • Summer
  • Winter

These were the Tier List of Death Must Die.

This tier list is subject to change as the game develops and new updates are released.

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