Bubble Gum Mayhem Value List (June 2024)

Do you want to know the exact value of every pet available in Bubble Gum Mayhem? If your answer is YES then you have come to the right place.

Bubble Gum Mayhem is a Roblox game inspired by Bubble Gum Simulator. Ever since the game was officially launched, the devs have added plenty of new pets to the game. With each new update, they add a couple of new pets to the game.

There are certain types of pets in Bubble Gum Mayhem — Divine Pets, Secret Pets, Mythic Pets and more.

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Before I unleash the exact value of Bubble Gum Mayhem pets, let me tell you that not two pets are similar. Yes, either they are better or worse than others.

Since this game allows users to trade pets or other in-game items, you must know the exact value of pets in Bubble Gum Mayhem.

If you blindly trade for pets in Bubble Gum Mayhem, you might end up receiving the worst price for your valuable pets.

Before you trade pets in this Roblox game, make sure to go through our Bubble Gum Mayhem trading values list.

Once you go through this value list, you will get an idea of the pet’s actual price which you are about to trade.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Bubble Gum Mayhem Value List (2024)

Divine Pets

Divine PetsNormalShinyChronaVoidGlitchGoldyDemandHatches
SRadiant Leviathan2k6k25k90kO/CO/C8350+
SKing Doggy9k36k144kO/CO/CO/C618
RGiant Robot20k85k240kO/CO/CO/C1049+
DAutumnal Koi2.5k6.5k40kO/CO/CO/C7179+
DGargantuan Gourd7k26k100kO/CO/CO/C877+

Limited Secrets

LIMITED SECRETSNormalShinyChronaVoidGoldyGoldyDemandHatches
SStardust Shard3507508k16kO/CO/C6.51.6k+
DKitty Trophy2006506k19kO/CO/C71372
DDoggy Trophy2006505.5k19.5kO/CO/C71376
DChosen Leaf1506003.5k14kO/CO/C6.52483+
DAngelic Delight2507005k19kO/CO/C71184+

Permanent Secrets

LIMITED SECRETSNormalShinyChronaVoidGoldyGoldyDemandHatches
SThe Overlord1003104601.1kO/CO/C5.5701
DCyborg Owolord2504106105.1kO/CO/C6815
DCyborg Kraken7502.3k8.1k32kO/CO/C7195

Mythic Secrets & Divines

LIMITED SECRETSNormalShinyChronaVoidGlitchGoldyDemandHatches
DMythic The Overlord4k10kO/CO/CN/AN/A617
RMythic Overseer15k45kO/CO/CN/AN/A1061
RMythic Stardust Shard41k120kN/AN/AN/AN/A1012
SMythic Oblivion250kN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A102
DMythic OwOlord5k16kO/CN/AN/AN/A721
DMythic Cyborg Kraken20kN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A8.56
SMythic Giant RobotN/AO/CN/AN/AN/AN/A111
N/AMythic King DoggyN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A0
DMythic Kitty Trophy12k48kN/AN/AN/AN/A8.545
DMythic Doggy Trophy14k56kN/AN/AN/AN/A8.537
DMythic Jester50kN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A1017
DMythic Pyramidium300kN/AO/CN/AN/AN/A104
DMythic Chosen Leaf5kN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A884
DMythic Autumnal Koi67kN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A96
DMythuic Angelic Delight6.5kN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A7.552
DMythic Pumpking30kO/CN/AN/AN/AN/A923
DMythic Gargantuan Gourd80kO/CO/CN/AN/AN/A1010

Robux + LB Pets

Robux + LB PetsNormalShinyDemandCopies
Chewed Shard6kN/A7.5100
Deviled Egg6kN/A8100
Yolk Divinity75kN/A910
Flavorism Prism75kN/A910
Poached Pufferfish20kN/A8.525
Bubblegum Goddess20kN/A8.525

That’s all you need to know about Bubble Gum Mayhem value list.

Courtesy: Jay, Hunter and Jupiter.

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