How to Get BGMI New X Suit For Free (2023) – 3 Easy Methods

The much-awaited Marmoris X-Suit has finally arrived in BGMI. The new BGMI X suit was supposed to be released on August 27, 2023 but it was released three days earlier.

Ever since the BGMI New X Suit was released, a lot of BGMI players have been searching for ways to get it for free.

Since Marmoris X Suit is the first of its kind in BGMI, everyone wants to have it but due to its expensive price, not everyone can afford this pretty suit in the game.

For the unversed, BGMI’s new X Suit will cost players 300 Silver Fragments for the first five draws. After that, they will have to pay 60 UC for each draw.

I know spending 60 UC for each draw in BGMI to get the Marmoris X Suit is not affordable but if you want to get this new X Suit for free then don’t worry, we have got you covered.

In this post, we will share a couple of tips and tricks that will help you get the BGMI’s new X suit without spending a single buck.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Getting BGMI’s New X Suit For Free (2023)

To make your work easier, we have explained a couple of methods that will help you get BGMI’s new Marmoris X suit for free.

Collect Silver Coins

First of all, you need to head to the Season section. There, you need to click on the Tier Rewards option.

After that, you need to click on the Token option located on the right side of the screen. Now, click on the Silver icon and then collect as many Silver coins in BGMI as you want.

Notably, you can only redeem 200 silver coins at once in BGMI. To get unlimited or a lot of silver coins, you need to repeat this process again and again.

Once you have got enough Silver Coins, go to the Event Tab and try your luck by clicking on the Draw button. While doing it, make sure to not skip the animation to get better rewards.

Apart from Silver coins, you can draw using UC. Since it is a bit expensive method, I advise you to do it using Silver coins.

Get Unlimited UCs

The cost of BGMI’s in-game currency UC is a bit expensive for many. If it is for you as well then look no further as we have got you covered.

There are some methods that can get you tons of BGMI UC for free. To learn what those methods are and how they work, you need to click on the link.

Participate In Events

There are plenty of events happening in BGMI. All you need to do is go to the Events section and then click on the UC UP event.

After getting there, you need to click on the Collect button. Notably, this event will give you additional UC upon purchasing BGMI UC.

Once you have collected additional UCs, you can use them to obtain the new BGMI X suit for free.

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