Top 5 Best Bolt Action Rifles In BGMI (September 2023)

One of the most popular and most-played games in India is the Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI).

The most challenging aspect of the game is Sniping. To master the skill of sniping one needs oodles of patience and a lot of practice to shoot with precision. The other aspect is to have the best bolt action rifles in BGMI. 

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Bolt-action rifles can easily be used to shoot from a distance. This makes it quite challenging for the player, if they are not precise then they can miss their mark. So the player needs to have proper knowledge about the guns along with practice. They also need to understand which bolt rifle is best for him to outplay the others.

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Bolt action rifles or sniper’s rifles come in a wide range of configurations and allow for precise shots. In this article, we shall share with you the top 5  bolt action rifles that will help you win the game in BGMI and give you an edge over the others.

Best Bolt Action Rifles in BGMI

  • AWM: Arctic Warfare Magnum: The One-Shot Wonder
  • Kar98: The Versatile Veteran
  • Mosin Nagant: The New Generation Marksman
  • M24: The Long-Range Lethal
  • Win94: The Rapid Reloader

AWM: Arctic Warfare Magnum

Best Bolt Action Rifles in BGMI

The Arctic Warfare Magnum (AWM) is one of the best and most lethal Bolt Rifles in BGMI. It can eliminate opponents with a single shot, and even eliminate an enemy wearing a Level 3 helmet.

This is one of the most sought-after weapons but is only available through random drops on the maps. A player will get 25 bullets so they must use it cautiously. 

The Rifle is equipped with a suppressor and is perfect for stealthy takedowns.  Due to its rapid rate of fire, you can take down many opponents before needing to reload.

Kar98: The Versatile Veteran

Best Bolt Action Rifles in BGMI

The Kar98 is another community favourite as it can easily take down the most agile opponents. The gun can easily eliminate an enemy wearing a Level 2 helmet.

It can be effectively used with 4x, 6x, and 8x scopes which makes it a formidable weapon against heavily armoured opponents. One of the oldest sniper bolt action rifles Kar98 comes with a compressor, Bullet loop, check pad and more.

Mosin Nagant: The New Generation Marksman

Best Bolt Action Rifles in BGMI

One of the latest additions in BGMI is  The Mosin Nagant and the bolt-action sniper rifle is one of the most accurate marksman rifles.

This rifle can be found on all mode maps and comes with scopes that range from a red dot to an 8x scope. Mosin Nagant also has the most bullet drop particularly at long distances. BGMI’s newest bolt-action rifle can deal damage to the opponent at great speed.

M24: The Long-Range Lethal

Best Bolt Action Rifles in BGMI

The M24 is currently accessible on the traditional map. But earlier it was available only through airdrops. The single-shot sniper is equipped with an 8x scope. It is highly effective in long-range fights.  It’s one of the best weapons in the game and can be best used with an 8x scope.

Win94: The Rapid Reloader

Best Bolt Action Rifles in BGMI

Another one of the best sniper rifles of the WIN94. The bolt-action rifle shines in close and medium-range battles. The gun that can easily be found in the vicinities of Miramar is quite fast to reload. 

It comes with an in-built 3x scope. Though it is not ideal for long-range combat you can use it against close-range opponents with perfection. Due to the extraordinarily rapid reload time gamers can unleash a series of rapid-fire rounds against their opponents. 

Be it a newcomer or a seasoned player for each of them mastering the art of sniping in BGMI is a challenging endeavour.

But these bolt-action rifles can significantly give you an edge over the opponents in the gameplay. So train well and use the best weapon to rule the battleground!

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