askMID Not Working Issue Fix (December 2023) – SOLVED

Car insurance is very important in the UK and if the law finds that you are driving without car insurance then they can take action against you. askMID allows users to check if a vehicle is insured or not. Currently, many users are facing the askMID Not Working issue. The reason is that askMID servers are down and thousands were seen as uninsured

A spokesperson for the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) said in a statement that they are aware of an issue with askMID showing vehicles as uninsured. However, the data used by police is unaffected. He added that MIB experts are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

In this article, we shall share with you the reason and fixes for the askMID Not Working issue. You can try them out to see if the issue is resolved for you.

Askmid Not Working fix

Reasons askMID Not Working Issue:

Server Issue: askMID may be facing server issues or downtime, which can cause the error.

Network Issue – If your connection is unstable, you may face an error while accessing the website.

Cache issues – Try clearing your browser cache and check if the problem persists.

Device issues – Incompatible devices can also cause askMID Not Working Issue

Here’s How To Fix askMID Not Working Issue

Check askMID Server Status

Askmid Not Working fix

Sometimes, you may face askMID Not Working Issue due to server problems. Do check the askMID Server Status on its official social media account. If it is down or under maintenance then do wait for some hours as the team restores the servers once again.

Check Internet Connection

Askmid Not Working fix
  • Check if the internet connection is stable
  • Do a speed test to check speed.
  • If it is slow contact your service provider.
  • If you are using a VPN.
  • Disable the VPN.
  • Or use an ethernet to solve the issue

Clear Cache

Askmid Not Working fix
  • To Clear the Browser Cache
  • Open Chrome Browser
  • Tap on Three Dots on-screen corner
  • Go to More Tool
  • Tap on Clear Browsing Data
  • Choose Time Duration
  • Tap on Clear Data.

Restart Your Device

Askmid Not Working fix

Restart Android Phone:

  • Hold the power button
  • You will see the power button.
  • Click on the Restart option.

Restart iPhone:

  • iPhone X, iPhone 11, 12, 13 users
  • Press the power button and volume button.
  • iPhone SE and 8 users
  • Press the Power button.
  • You will get an option named “slide to power off”.
  • Slide to the right.

Try Different Browser

Askmid Not Working fix

Trying a different browser may also solve the issue as different browsers use different rendering engines. If you are using Google then you can opt for Firefox, Microsoft, Safari or any other browser. Check if the askMID Not Working Issue issue is resolved.

What Is askMID?

askMID is a free website that gives car owners access to the Motor Insurance Database (MID). Here they can check if their vehicle is insured or not. To do so just enter your vehicle’s registration numberand view up-to-date, accurate information regarding the status of your vehicle’s insurance coverage.

What Is Motor Insurance Database (MID)?

It is a database of all the vehicles in the UK, police and other authorities can instantly check a car’s insurance status.

What Is askMID Used For?

The askMID service can be used to:

  • Check the status of a car insurance
  • It can also be used to check the insurance status of a third party following a car accident. But you have to pay for the services rendered.

It is also used:

  • By police to find stolen vehicles.
  • By individuals to check their insurance status.
  • By organisations like insurance companies to check the insurance status of cars involved in accidents.

How To Use askMID To Check A Vehicle’s Insurance?

Askmid Not Working fix
  • Go to askMID webpage
  • Enter the vehicle’s registration number
  • Share email id.
  • Tick on the data protection declaration
  • Confirm you are not a robot.
  • Tap on the ‘Check this vehicle’ button
  • askMID will search the database to check if your vehicle is insured.
  • If you see a Red message it means your vehicle is Uninsured
  • If you see a Green message your vehicle is Insured.
Askmid Not Working fix


How Long Does askMID Take to Update?

The Motor Insurance Database is updated by the minutes. If your policy is new, it might not show on askMID immediately. It will take 48 hours or a maximum of seven working days.

Is askMID Legit?

askMID is very much a legitimate website used by police to tackle the problem of uninsured drivers in the United Kingdom.

If you can’t see your vehicle on askMID, there is a chance that it is either not insured or your information hasn’t been updated as yet.

If your new vehicle is insured but does not show on askMID, check again in a few days but if it’s still not showing up, do contact your insurance provider to have the issue resolved.

We do hope all your queries have been answered in this post. If there is any other solution to the problem then do share it with us.

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