Anime Fighting Simulator X: How To Get Devil Fruits Fast Guide

Anime Fighting Simulator X is a popular Roblox game in which players train to become the strongest and explore the world.

The game features a variety of items, one of these items is devil fruits. These fruits help players to train faster in the game and also help to gain a tremendous amount of power and rare abilities.

But these devil fruits are very rare and difficult to find in the game. Currently, there are 5 types of devil fruits available in the game. The name of these devil fruits is, Chop, Gomu, Gura, Mera, and Ice.

If you want to get these devil fruits and looking for the way then you are in the right place. In this guide, we will show you some ways to obtain Devil Fruits faster in the Anime Fight Simulator X game.

How To Get Devil Fruits Fast Guide

Basically, there are only two ways to get the Devil Fruits in the Anime Fighting Simulator X game.

The first and fastest way to obtain these rare devil fruits is by purchasing them from the store in exchange for Robux.

In this method, you need to purchase a Random Fruits game pass from the in-game store at the cost of 199 Robux.

This game pass will give you items of a 1.68% of Legendary Rarity. There will be many possibilities of getting rare items like Devil fruits.

If you have enough Robux to spend then this is the fastest way to get the Devil’s Fruit with ease. Nut if you don’t have enough Robux or you don’t want to spend Robux to obtain the devil fruits then you can go with the second method.

The second way to obtain a Devil Fruit is by exploring the world and finding the fruits. These fruits will spawn randomly on the map, you need to find and collect them.

Most of the time, fruits are spawned under the trees and shine so that you can find them easily.

This a very time-consuming process you have to be patience and enjoy the game while finding the fruits.

To make your work easier you can purchase the Fruit Tracker game pass from the store. If you purchase this game pass then it will alert you every time fruits spawn on the map and also show you the distance between you and the location where devil fruits spawn.

fruit tracker
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The Fruit Tracker game pass cost you 2,499 Robux but it will make your work a lot easier if you choose to find the fruits manually.

While exploring the game you must have seen the glowing chests. You will get different items and coins while opening them.

image source: YouTube

Sometimes these chests will also give you devil fruits along with other items. So open every chest you find while exploring the game to get dragon fruits.

That’s it, these are two ways to get the Devil Fruits in the Anime Fighting Simulator X game. If you want to get devil fruits faster then go with the first method and spend Robux and if you don’t want to spend the Robux then you can go with free to play method.

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