Waven Tier List (June 2024) – All Classes Ranked

Are you looking for the Waven Classes Tier list? If your answer is YES then look no further as we got you covered.

Waven is a new roleplaying game in which there are a total of six classes available right now which will make it difficult for the players to choose from.

Because it is a strategy game players have to choose the correct class in order to win the game. To help our readers find the best class we created a tire list and ranked all classes into five different tiers from S to D.

If you are looking for the best classes to choose from in the Waven game then read this article completely and check our tier list.

Waven Classes Tier List

Below we have listed the Waven Classes in five different tiers from best classes to worst classes. Remember we have ranked the classes based on our personal experience.

So, it is possible that you don’t agree with the ranking of Waven classes. however, if you want to give a tough fight and win the game then you should consider selecting the classes based on the below tier list.

Here are all classes ranked based on power and damage on enemies.

S Tier Classes

  • Ambre Tamashi
  • Galive Stakatoss
  • Lamarguedon Spectral
  • Scalpel De Lapostruker

A Tier Classes

  • ARC Piven
  • Expingole
  • Bunelame
  • Ecorcheur Shugen
  • Surin Sourokan
  • Regulant Gurapapa
  • Synchronisateur Tako
  • Sabliaton Jikan

B Tier Classes

  • Lame Ourai
  • Justelame Brutale
  • Bouvalouir Orok
  • Lame Voracious
  • Cisaille Orishi

C Tier Classes

  • Voldorak Vo
  • Gemme Dephasante
  • Flamboyante Kasai
  • Ken Kartana
  • Aiguille Pikuxala
  • Catalysteur Pramium
  • Pinceau Kokoro

D Tier Classes

  • Scalpel De Lapostruker
  • Shiru Shaden
  • Gantares Des Cendres
  • Ombraden
  • Baton Tonfavik
  • Pilobouli

That’s all you need to know about Waven classes tier list.

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