Toilet Tower Defense (TTD) Value List [Ep 74 Part 1] (June 2024)

Do you want to know the value of all items available in Toilet Tower Defense? If your answer is YES then you have come to the right place.

With a brand new update, the devs of Toilet Tower Defense have added a trading feature allowing users to trade or exchange exclusive units with other players.

When trading, players must know the unit’s value they want to trade. If they don’t know the value of a particular unit or item in Toilet Tower Defense, they might end up receiving the worst price.

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If you have made up your mind to give a trading feature a try in Toilet Tower Defense, make sure to go through our trading values list.

When you go through our Toilet Tower Defense trading values list, you will get to know the price, demand and stability of every unit available in the game.

Once you learn these things about TTD units, you are most likely to get a better price for the traded item.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Toilet Tower Defense Trading Values Tier List (2024)

Here are all units available in Roblox Toilet Tower Defense and their values, demand and stability.

Ultimate Units


Exclusive Units

Streamer Clockman3K7Stable
Scientist Mech2.59Stable
Astro Upgraded Titan Cameraman1.759Unstable
Upgraded Camera Spider5007Stable
Hyper Upgraded Titan Speakerman17K10Unstable
Saw Upgraded Titan Cameraman1005Stable
Toxic Upgraded Titan Cameraman2508Stable
Titan Clock Man5K10Unstable
Jetpack Mace Cameraman3K8Dropping
Titan Drill ManNA10Unstable
Toxic Upgraded Titan CameramanNA0Unstable
Saw Upgraded Titan CameramanNA10Unstable
Hyper Upgraded Titan SpeakermanNA10Unstable
DJ TVManNA10Unstable
Announcer Camerman40010Unstable
DJ Speakerman20010Unstable
Flamethrower Cameraman200010Overvalued
Ghost Cameraman300010Overvalued
Exclusive Booster Crate2008Stable
Speaker Repair Drone18009Dropping
New years 2024 Crate2005Stable
Mace Cameraman20008Unstable
Green Laser Cameraman10005Stable
Santa Crate20010Stable
Shield Cameraman8008Stable
Turkey Crate2508Stable
Scary Crate20010Stable
Spider Crate2008Stable
Scientist Crate1,0009Stable
Scientist Cameraman5007Stable
TV Women906Stable
Large Scientist Cameraman754Stable
Titan Cameraman3008Stable
Jetpack Cameraman2007Stable
Camera Repair Drone7508Stable
Engineer Cameraman15,00010Stable
Speaker Spider153Stable
Camera Spider505Stable
Spider TV38,0008Stable

Mythic Units

Scientist Clockman60K8Stable
Shadow TV Man8007Stable
Future Large Clockman1.85K6Unstable
Guardian Clockman25K6Unstable
Knife Upgraded Titan Speakerman1.5K6Unstable
Large Clockman10K7Unstable
Mace Camerawoman1K6Unstable
Titan Sigma Man1.8K9Unstable
Upgraded Mech Cameraman5007Unstable
Egg Launcher Cameraman806Unstable
Titan Bunny Cameraman3007Unstable
Titan Clover Man21K7Unstable
Red Laser Cameraman2504Unstable
Healer TV Woman1K10Unstable
Katana SpeakerwomanNA10Unstable
Shotgun CameramanNA10Unstable
Large Laser Cameraman7K9Unstable
Large Firework Cameraman22K8Unstable
Sinister Titan TV10K10Unstable
Santa TV35010Unstable
Chef TV Man10K9Declining
Corrupted Camerman39K9Increasing
Glitch Cameraman1.2K5Declining
Upgraded Titam Cameraman2K9Stable
Titan Cinemaman9006Unstable
Upgraded Titan Speakerman1.3K7Stable

Legendary Units

Classic Cameraman806Stable
Clock Spider5005Stable
Alarm Clockman1406Unstable
Mewing TV Man508Unstable
Dual Blade Bunnyman252Unstable
Large Bunny Man21Unstable
Leprechaun Cameraman45010Unstable
Speaker Large TV Man303Unstable
Cupid Camerawoman1006Unstable
Spear Speakerman405Unstable
Minigum Camerawoman405Unstable
Dual Bat Speakerman5008Unstable
Hunter Cameraman3505Unstable
Laser Gun Cameraman3505Stable
Frost DJ Speakerman3508Unstable
Elf Camerawoman658Stable
Large Turkey Speakerman6008Declining
Sinister Cameraman2.8K7Increasing
Jetpack Speakerman708Unstable
Dancing Speakerwoman707Stable
Titan Speakerman654Stable
Dark Spreakerman708Stable
Titan TV Man705Stable
Ninja Cameraman757Stable
Secret Agent606Stable
Laser Cameraman Car807Stable
Mech Cameraman 8088Stable

Epic Units

Cuckoo Clockman55Stable
Macrowave Man23Stable
Easter Speakerman21Stable
Bat Speakerman5N/AUnstable
Reindeer Speakerman405Stable
Turkey Cameraman3509Declining
Rocket Cameraman109Unstable
Pumpkin Farmer7008Stable
Camera Attack Helicopter107Unstable
Camera Helicopter106Stable
Large TV Man103Stable
Large Cameraman104Stable
Surveillance Cameraman103Stable
Medic Cameraman108Stable

Rare Units

Pendulum Clockman54Unstable
Ohio Cameraman11Unstable
Speakerwoman’s Rose Farm255Unstable
Firework Cameraman1002Unstable
Turkey Speakerman1757Declining
Brown Suit Cameraman33Stable
Monster Spreakerman756Overvalued
Large Speakerman22Stable
Speaker Helicopter22Stable
TV Man22Stable

Basic Units


Uncommon Units

Lucky Speakerman13Unstable
Large Heart Speakerman103Unstable
Sneaky Speakerman13Stable
Scary Speakerman254Stable
Car Spearkerman01Stable

Godly Unit

Chief Clockman100K7Stable
Mech Bunny Titan2.4K5Stable
Titan Present Man1752Stable
Upgraded Titan Cinemaman2.2K7Stable

That’s all you need to know about the Toilet Tower Defense trading values list.

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