Skibidi Toilet Tower Defense TTD Value List [Ep 61] (Sept 2023) – UPDATED

Do you want to know the value of all items available in Toilet Tower Defense? If your answer is YES then you have come to the right place.

With a brand new update, the devs of Toilet Tower Defense have added a trading feature allowing users to trade or exchange exclusive units with other players.

When trading, players must know the unit’s value they want to trade. If they don’t know the value of a particular unit or item in Toilet Tower Defense, they might end up receiving the worst price.

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If you have made up your mind to give a trading feature a try in Toilet Tower Defense, make sure to go through our trading values list.

When you go through our Toilet Tower Defense trading values list, you will get to know the price, demand and stability of every unit available in the game.

Once you learn these things about Toilet Tower Defense units, you are most likely to get a better price for the traded item.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Toilet Tower Defense Trading Values List (2023)

Here are all units available in Roblox Toilet Tower Defense and their values, demand and stability.

Exclusive Units

Engineer Cameraman160K10/10Fluctuating
Repair Drone27.5k8/10Unstable
Jetpack Cameraman20K10/10Doing Well
Titan Cameraman17K8/10Stable
Scientist Crate15K9/10Unstable
TV Woman7K7.5/10Stable
Large Scientist Cameraman5K3/10Overvalued
Scientist Cameraman4K5/10Stable

Mythic Units

Upgraded Titan Speakerman80K8.5/10Overvalued
Titan Cinemaman70K8.5/10Undervalued
Upgraded Titan Cameraman60K8/10Stable

Legendary Units

Laser Cameraman Car7K9/10Unstable
Mech Cameraman6K10/10Rising
Titan TV Man6K8/10Unstable
Ninja Cameraman5.5K3/10Unstable
Dark Speakerman5K7.5/10Stable
Secret Agent5.5K5/10Stable
Titan Speakerman3K8/10Stable

Epic Units

Medic Cameraman2K7.5/10Overvalued
Surveillance Camerawoman1.5K9/10Overvalued
Large TV ManO.325K4/10Stable
Surviliance Camerawoman0.3K7.5/10Overvalued
Large Cameraman0.25K4.5/10Stable

Rare Units

TV Man.12K2.5/10Stable
Large speaker0.9K4/10Fluctuating
Large speaker man0.8K3.5/10Stable

Uncommon Units

Car Speakerman0.35K1.5/10Stable

That’s all you need to know about Toilet Tower Defense trading values list.

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