The First Descendant Devourer Guide (2024)

There are multiple bosses in The First Descendant and you will have to defeat them to level up or get exclusive rewards. One of them is The Devourer.

Unlike other bosses, defeating the Devourer boss in The First Descendant is a bit difficult and that’s the reason why people are searching for tips and tricks to defeat him instantly.

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If you are here to learn the easiest way to beat the Devourer boss in the First Descendant then look no further as we have got you covered.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

How to Beat The Devourer Interception Mission In The First Descendant

As mentioned above, the Devourer Interception Mission is by far the hardest mission of the First Descendant. Unlike other missions or bosses, you simply can’t go and defeat the boss.

To kill the Devourer boss, you need to make some preparations. The first thing you should do is put on some of highest highest-level stuff and equip three different types of Ammo.

Apart from these, don’t forget to upgrade your modules and have the best build. Once you have got yourself prepared, make sure to know the weak points of the Devourer boss.

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For those unaware, there are multiple weak points of the Devourer boss. During your fight, you will have to keep attracting the boss on his weak points to break his armour because he has plenty of armour equipped.

If you attack the boss other than the weak points, you will not be able to defeat the boss in the given time. Notably, you have to defeat the Devourer Interception Mission in 10 minutes.

Here are all weak points of the Devourer boss:

The devourer weak points
  • A sensor in his eye.
  • A Core cap in his chest
  • Two shoulder pads
  • Balancer on his knee

Regardless of how prepared you are, defeating the Devourer boss in The First Descendant is not that easy. All you need to is keep attacking the boss and try to break all of his armor as quickly as possible.

Notably, there are stages in the fight. In the first stage, you will have to break his armor and then tear down his shoulder pads using your grapple.

Whenever you break the boss’ armor, he will stagger and that’s the right point to get as much damage as possible. When you continue to attack on his shoulder pads for a while, it will turn Yellow.

Once it is Yellow, you will have to use your grapple to tear down his shoulder pads. When you manage to tear down his shoulder pads, he will stagger for a bit longer and that’s the time when you have to attack him on his other weak points — Chest and Eye.

In the second phase, the Devourer boss spawns six lanterns. This is where you need your friends. If you wish to defeat the boss quickly, I recommend you play it with your friends.

In this phase, you not only have to destroy all lanterns but to dodge missiles falling from the sky to survive in the battle. To destroy lanterns quickly, I recommend using either a Rocket Launcher or a Shotgun.

Once you are done destroying lanterns, head back to the boss and start attacking at his weak points. When you keep doing this for a few minutes, he will fall on the floor.

That’s all you need to know about how to defeat the Devourer boss in The First Descendant.

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