The Dank Murderer 2 Script (June 2024)

Are you looking for The Dank Murderer 2 script? If your answer is YES then you are at the perfect place.

Ever since the game was officially released, tons of players have been searching for scripts to level up fast in The Dank Murderer 2.

Before I share with you a working script, let me tell you that this game is pretty similar to Murder Mystery 2. Yes, it does have three choices to choose from — Innocent, Sheriff, and Murderer.

If you choose to be Innocent, your job is to hide yourself from the murderer and pick up weapons.

If you select Sheriff, you will have to take down the murderer and save the day. Upon choosing Murderer, you will need to eliminate everyone without getting shod by other players.

Irrespective of what option you choose, the following The Dank Murderer 2 scripts will get the work done in no time.

Before you download or copy The Dank Murderer 2 script from here or another website, let me tell you that running Roblox scripts could lead to your account ban or suspension.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Latest The Dank Murderer 2 Script (2024)

Like The Dank Murderer 2 codes, Roblox scripts get expired or outdated with time. Unlike other websites, we personally check or verify every script we share on our website and we did the same with the following scripts.

However, if you find the following script is either invalid or not working, do let us know in the comment section below so we can replace it with a new script.

You can copy The Dank Murderer 2 script from here:


When you search for this game’s script on the web, you might see plenty of scripts but this is the only script that is working at the moment.

How to Run The Dank Murderer 2 Script?

The process of executing The Dank Murderer 2 script is very simple. To run it smoothly, you are required to download a Roblox executor.

Which Roblox Executor to use is a hot topic among exploiters. If you play Roblox on Mobile or PC, I advise you to download Delta, Arceus X, Hydrogen and Fluxus, respectively.

Once you are done downloading a Roblox exploit on your device, install it and then launch it. Once launched, search for The Dank Murderer 2 and then click on the play button to load the game.

Once the game is loaded, open the executor and then go to the Script Hub, and then paste the above-mentioned script.

That’s it.

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