Synapse X Executor: How to Download & Use (June 2024)

Do you want to download Synapse X Executor? If your answer is YES then you are in the right place.

In this guide, we will cover everything about Synapse X such as how to download it, how to install it, and how to use it to run Roblox scripts like Hoho Hub, Zen Hub, Mukaru Hub, Black Hub, and more.

Before I provide a download link, let me tell you that downloading Synapse X from a random website is too risky.

If you don’t want to put yourself at risk, make sure to download Synapse X either from its official website or

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

What Is Synapse X Executor?

Synapse X is one of the most popular Roblox executors used by players to exploit their favourite Roblox games.

It is one of the most powerful executors available out there. Irrespective of whether you wish to use infinite yield, auto aim, auto farm or other script features, Synapse X will help use those features with ease.

There are tons of Roblox exploits available on the internet that allow you to execute different scripts in Roblox games but most of them are either paid or developed for Mobile devices only.

But the Synapse X is different, it is 100% free and can be downloaded and used on both Android and Windows.

If you want to download the Synapse X then you can download it by clicking on the below download button.

What Are the Features Of Synapse X Executor?

The Synapse X executor provides various features such as,

  • It is the most stable and powerful Roblox executor available on the internet.
  • It has a vast library of advanced scripts that help players to exploit Roblox games.
  • Simple to use.
  • Has a user-friendly UI.
  • It will not only exploit the game but also protect your account from external bugs.
  • Completely free of cost.
  • It is lightweight and compatible with both Windows and MacOS.
  • Get frequent updates.

How to Download Synapse X Executor?

If you want to download the Synapse X Executor then you can do it by using the steps mentioned below.

  • First, click on the Download Synapse X button above.
  • It will redirect you to another page where you can find the download option, click on it.
  • Once you click on the download button the downloading process will start.
  • That’s it.

Note: Synapse X has discontinued its services from October 2023. Apart from discontinuing its services, they have joined hands with Roblox to curb exploiting and cheating on Roblox.

How to Install And Use Synapse X Executor?

If you are unaware of the process of installing the Synapse X Executor then don’t worry. Follow the steps written below to install the Synapse X Executor on your device.

  • Once you download the Synapse X Executor, open File Explorer and go to the location where you have downloaded the file.
  • Now, right-click on the executor file and select the Extract Here option from the menu.
  • Once done, open the extracted folder and double-click on the Synapse X Executor icon.
  • This will open an installation window. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the installation process.
  • After finishing the installation, launch the Synapse X Executor.
  • Now go to Roblox and open the game that you want to exploit and click on the Synapse X Executor icon.
  • Add script and click the Execute option.
  • Wait for the script to be injected and enjoy playing the game.

Minimum System Requirements For Synapse X Executor

Here are the minimum system requirements to use the Synapse X Executor:

  • Operating System: Windows 10 or Windows 11
  • Processor: i3 5400f or Ryzen 3 3500u
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Free Up Space: 10 GB

Recommended System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 10 or Windows 11
  • Processor: Intel i5 7700u or Ryzen 5 3500 Pro.
  • RAM: 12 GB
  • Free Up Space: 15 GB

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some questions asked by people on the internet.

Is Synapse X Safe?

Yes, the Synapse X is completely safe and 100% free. You can download and install this executor and exploit your favourite Roblox games.

Does Synapse X Work on Android or iOS?

No, sadly the Synapse X is only available for Windows platforms you can not install and use it on mobile devices.

How to Use Synapse X On Laptop?

You can easily download and install the Synapse X executor on your laptop by using the steps mentioned above.

That’s all you need to know about Synapse X Executor.

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