Striker Odyssey Tier List (2024) – All Prodigies Ranked

Are you looking for the Striker Odyssey Prodigy tier list? If YES then you are reading the perfect post.

In this post, we will rank all Prodigies available in Roblox Striker Odyssey into four different tiers with S being the best to C being the worst.

Since this Roblox game has just been released, a lot of players are wondering which Prodigy is best to equip because these Prodigies play a very important role in the game.

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Each prodigy gives a buff to your weapon. This means that if you have Prodigious weapons then you can connect it with Prodigy. Once you connect your prodigy with your weapon, you can get a bigger buff on your weapon.

To get Prodegy in Striker Odyssey, you need to do Prodigy spins in the Customization section. There are a total of seven prodigies available in Striker Odyssey and each one has different rarities and gives different buffs to the weapons.

Because of that difference in prodigies, players search for which is the best prodigy in the Striker Odyssey.

If you are also one of those players then don’t worry, we have ranked all Strike Odyssey prodigies from the best to the worst.

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Without any further ado, let’s start.

Striker Odyssey Tier List 2024

In our tier list, we have ranked all 7 prodigies into 4 tiers — S, A, B and C. You might disagree with our tier list because the ranking is entirely based on our personal experience.

S-Tier Prodigy

Ball Control

This prodigy is the best prodigy in Striker Odyssey having a 2% chance. Once you have got it, you will get the following weapon buffs:

  • 1.5x Exp
  • 1.1x Kick Power
  • 1.1X Running Speed
  • 1.15x Dribbling
  • 1.75x Max Stamina
  • 1.1x Defense
  • 2 Additional Dribbles
  • Passive Counter Skill


This prodigy has a 2.5% chance in a spin. Once you get this prodigy, it will give the buffs to your weapon given below.

  • 1.2x Exp
  • 1.1x Kick Power
  • 1.35x Dribbling
  • 1.2x Ball Receiving
  • 1.25x Max Stamina
  • 1.1x Defense and 5 additional Dribbles

A- Tier Prodigy

In this prodigy, we can add all prodigies which give good buffs when they are connected with any weapon.


This is a good prodigy having a 3% chance in spins. Once you get this prodigy, it will give the buffs to your weapon given below.

  • 1.15x Kick Power
  • 1.35x Running Speed
  • 1.35x Max Stamina
  • 1.1x Defense


This is also a good prodigy having many buffs. During the spin, you have a 4% chance to get Defense Prodigy. When you get Defense Prodigy, you can get the buffs given below.

  • 1.15x Kick Power
  • 1.1x Running Speed
  • 1.15x Max Stamina
  • 1.35 Defense

B Tier Prodigy

In this tier, we added all average prodigies having very weak or fewer buffs as compared to S and A-tier Prodigies.


This is an average prodigy having few buffs. When you do spin, you will get it with a 5% chance. Once you get Punch Prodigy, it will give your weapons buffs given below.

  • 1.35x Kick Power
  • 1.1x Ball Receiving
  • 1.25x Max Stamina
  • 1.1 Defense


Intellect is yet another low-tier prodigy having average buffs as compared to the above-mentioned prodigies. You can get it by doing a spin with an 8.5% chance. The buffs of Intellect Prodigy are given below.

  • 2x Exp
  • 1.1x Max Stamina
  • 1.1x Defense

C Tier Prodigy

In this tier, we added the worst prodigy having no buffs. If you spin in Striker Odyssey and get this Prodigy, I recommend you leave and make another spin.

None Prodigy

This prodigy doesn’t have any buffs.

That’s all about the Striker Odyssey Prodigy Tier list.

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