Sonma Typing Expert: Best Typing Fluency App (December 2023)

Wondering what is Sonma Typing Expert and how you can use it for your benefit? In this guide, we will tell you all you need to know about the educational app.

Sonma Typing Expert is an educational app that can help users improve their fluency and typing speed. This app offers lessons for English and Hindi languages. 

This app has a simple user interface that can be picked up by users with no experience without a steep learning curve. You can participate in several exercises available on the platform to start improving your grasp of the language as well as improve your typing skills.

How To Use Sonma Typing Expert?

Sonma Typing Expert

Sonma Typing Expert is different from other similar apps in that it focuses on the difference between a Hindi and a standard English QWERTY keyboard. 

It is not just focused on translation but allows users to practice their typing skills across the different keyboards and get used to it. 

You can download the latest version of the app for Windows by downloading it through the official website or through an equally trustworthy source.

However, you must ensure that you are downloading the app from a genuine source. There are a lot of suspicious links that claim to provide the download link for the software but are just scams. 

These download links can be potentially harmful to your device in addition to not providing you access to the app. 

Once you have downloaded and installed the full, free Sonma Typing Expert app to your device, you can start improving your typing skills right away.

The app has a conducive learning environment with different levels of difficulties through the stages. The more you progress through the stages, the harder the exercises become. 

You even get access to different types of exercises and can switch between the languages at any time. This ensures that you get a flexible but productive learning environment. 

As you keep practising through the app, it records your progress through speed and accuracy data that can help you evaluate your performance. 

You can also manually customize the tests in the app to achieve specific goals. 

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How Does Sonma Typing Expert Help You Improve? 

Typing is a basic skill that is a requirement across various job profiles. With the help of Sonma Typing Expert, you can learn to type both English and Hindi texts and work on improving your speed and accuracy.

Everyone from a fresher to a professional can benefit from this app to improve their skills on the keyboard of their choice. You can choose to master both keyboards or work on specializing in one.

The app has multiple customizable exercises that test your skill across various levels of difficulty. There are different exercises focusing on different aspects of the skill like characters or sentences.

Sometimes the app can feel a bit repetitive as it prompts you to write some words or letters over and over again but this is the ‘practice makes perfect’ formula at work.

These exercises help you get used to the location of the keys and focus on reducing your errors as you progress forward. 

You can either choose to use a standard keyboard to practice typing on the Sonma Typing Expert or you can even use the Hindi digital keyboard to improve your skills for that keyboard. 

An advantage of using the Sonma Typing Expert is that it considers your errors and then offers specific suggestions for your improvement. This means that the app adjusts to give you the best learning experience and adjusts the experience according to your strengths and weaknesses. 

What Are Sonma Typing Expert Scores? 

As you gain confidence in your skills, you can undergo tests and earn scores on Sonma Typing Expert. These scores can be viewed at any time to assess your progress and you can even print these scores for referral. 

To take tests on the app, you need to provide details like your name, age, etc. You can set the test duration to anywhere between 1 minute to 30 seconds. 

This is all you need to know about Sonma Typing Expert. We hope that this guide was helpful to you.

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