How To Serve 100K Customers Fast In My Restaurant (2023)

Do you want to get a Huge Chef Cat in My Restaurant? If your answer is YES then you must serve 100K customers in the game.

Ever since Pet Simulator X’s new update was released, a lot of players have been searching for ways to get a Huge Chef Cat.

The reason why players are having a hard time obtaining the Huge Chef Cat in Pet Simulator X is it can’t be obtained by simply unlocking a Door or completing quests.

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If you are here to learn how to obtain the Huge Chef Cat in Pet Simulator X then you should read this post till the end.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Serving 100K Customers Fast In My Restaurant

To get a Huge Chef Cat in Pet Simulator X, players are required to play Big Game’s new game titled My Restaurant and serve 100K customers.

Whoever serves 100K customers in Roblox My Restaurant will be rewarded with a Huge Chef Cat in Pet Simulator X.

Notably, the Huge Chef Cat is worth a lot of Diamonds. Since serving 100K customers is a daunting task, many players are wondering how to get tons of customers fast in My Restaurant.

If you are one of those players then let me tell you that there are some layouts and tips & tricks that you should use to attract thousands of customers in Roblox My Restaurant.

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Here are some ways to get 100K customers fast in My Restaurant:

Get Verified

To get tons of customers fast in My Restaurant, the first thing you should do is get your Twitter account verified in the game.

To verify your account in My Restaurant, make sure your Roblox and Twitter accounts are the same.

Once you have successfully verified your account, your EXP will be increased by 50X, helping you to level up fast.

Serve VIP Customers

There are different types of Customers in My Restaurant but what will help you earn a lot of money is VIP customers.

For the unversed, VIP Customers in My Restaurant give 10X more money than other customers.

Notably, VIP Customers don’t sit on normal tables. If you want to serve VIP Customers in My Restaurant, make sure you have Royal Chair Or Royal Table purchased.

Once you purchased Royal Chair or Royal Table, VIP customers will start visiting your Restaurant. Whenever they visit and have food in your Restaurant, they will drop money between 470 to 2000 on the table.

Place As Many Table/Chair As Possible

If you want to serve tons of customers in your restaurant, make sure to place as many tables and chairs as possible.

While placing Tables and Chairs, make sure to use all types of tables available in the game. When you do so, you will have tons of customers visiting your Restaurant.

These are some of the best ways to serve 100K customers in My Restaurant.

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