Samsung Dryer Keeps Stopping Midcycle Fix (2024)

Samsung dryer is a boon to housewives to dry clothes in winter or rainy season. But what happens if you’ve put a load of laundry into your dryer and it stops working after a few minutes of switching it on? The Samsung Dryer keeps stopping midcycle can be quite a frustrating issue when you have loads of clothes to dry.

Samsung Dryer keeps stopping midcycle errors can be due to several reasons. It can be due to the vent being blocked or the moisture sensors could be dirty. In this guide, we have shared some solutions that will have your dryer working as before without any errors.

Samsung Dryer

Fixes For Samsung Dryer Keeps Stopping Midcycle

Replace Dryer Motor

The reason behind the dryer shutting off after a few minutes may be an overheated dryer motor. If this is the reason you might need to replace it. Steps to check if the motor is overheating are shared below.

Start the dryer cycle and if it turns off, wait a few minutes, and see if the dryer starts again. If it does, then you are facing the motor heating issue. Do check that the motor heating is not due to a full lint trap or it could also be due to overloading the dryer.

If these are not the reasons behind the motor heating then you need to replace the motor. To do so switch off the dryer and remove the lower access panel. The next step involves removing the lint filter and next remove the two screws that are located below the lint filter.

Now remove the top panel from the dryer and remove it by removing the screws that secure it in place. Do disconnect the door switch wire harnesses before removing the panel.

Locate the drive belt, remove it from the idler pulley, and next remove the idler pulley from its mounting bracket and lift the dryer drum out of the dryer cabinet. Locate the motor remove the wires that are attached to it and loosen the blower wheel.

Post removal of the old motor you can now add the new motor and reattach the wires to it. Tighten the loosened blower wheel and put the dryer drum back in place. Put your dryer back together and check if the Samsung Dryer keeps stopping midcycle problem has been solved.

Clean Moisture Sensor

The moisture sensor detects the amount of moisture in the wet clothes and sends signals to the control board. If it malfunctions then it will start sending wrong signals that the clothes are dried out. On receiving this signal the control board will stop the dryer.

The sensors may have trapped dirt or lint therefore they are not functioning properly. You need to clean the sensor to solve the issue. Open the dryer door and locate the sensor bars(two curved metal bars inside the drum near the lint filter)

Take a soft towel, wet it slightly, and add a drop of liquid soap to it. Clean the sensor bars lightly with it. Next, take a dry towel and wipe the sensor bars dry. Turn your dryer on and check its performance and if the Samsung Dryer keeps stopping midcycle issue is resolved.

Samsung Dryer Machine

Replace the Drive Belt

The drive belt is responsible for the drum rotation it is wrapped around the dryer drum, idler pulley, and motor pulley. If the belt is worn out or broken, the Samsung dryer may shut off after a few minutes.

Switch Off your Samsung dryer and disconnect it from the power outlet. Next, loosen the screws and remove the panel.
Now, also remove the front panel by loosening its screws this step will expose the drive belt and two pulleys.

Examine the belt and if it is damaged then replace it with a new one. Remove the belt from the idler and the motor pulley. Remove the front guide from the dryer pull the drum out slightly and release the drive belt from the drum.

Take the new drive belt and wrap the groove side around the drum. Put the drum back inside and after adjusting it in the centre of the drum, attach it to the idler and motor pulley. Close the front and top panels after tightening the screws. Check if Samsung Dryer keeps stopping midcycle issue is resolved.

Repair Door Latch

Samsung Dryers

If the door latch is worn out then it could also be the reason your Samsung dryer shuts off after a few minutes. The loose door latch leads to the dryer door opening up when the machine is turned ON. If you are facing an error due to a loose door latch then replace it.

To replace the door latch you will have to turn off your Samsung dryer and open the screws on the door and remove its hinges.
Separate the door from the dryer and remove the door latch using pliers.

Install the new door latch and reattach the door back by fastening all the screws and hinges. Now, check your dryer if it works well or not.

Hope the above solutions have helped resolve the Samsung Dryer keeps stopping midcycle error.

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