Which Roblox Executors Are Online? (March 2024) – Check Server Status

Ever since Roblox launched its new anti-cheat feature, a lot of Roblox Executors have stopped working.

However, there are some Roblox exploits that don’t seem to be affected by Roblox’s new anti-cheat engine Byfron.

At RDC 2023, the CEO of Roblox David Bazsucki promised to take strict action against exploiters. Notably, this is not the first the David has spoken about the Roblox exploiters but this time they might come up with a powerful engine.

It has not been a week since RDC 2023 took place and David warned Roblox exploiters, that the devs of Hydrogen, Delta, CodeX, Arceus X and others have released the latest version of the Roblox hack.

If you have been exploiting Roblox games on Mobile, Windows, Mac or iOS, you may have witnessed a time when all Roblox Executors stopped working.

I encountered the same a few days ago. When I faced this problem, I realized the importance of a website or guide showing the current server status of all Roblox Executors available on the internet.

With that in mind, I created this post wherein I will be updating the current server status of every Roblox exploit.

When you visit this page, you will learn what Roblox exploits are online right now. This will prevent you from downloading outdated or expired Roblox executors on your Mobile, Windows, Mac and IOS.

What Roblox Exploits Are Online Now?

Irrespective of whether you want to download Roblox executor on your Mobile, Windows, Mac or iOS, make sure to visit this page first.

After visiting this page, make sure to download and check the current server status of the Roblox exploit you are going to download.

If the server of the Roblox exploit you wish to download is down, don’t download it because when you download or install that executor on your device, you are most likely to get Roblox Upgrade or Your version of Roblox is outdated error.

I advise you to download Roblox Executors whose servers are online right now.

Here are all Roblox exploits and their current server status:

Sr NoRoblox ExecutorServer Status
1Delta ExecutorONLINE
2CodeX ExecutorONLINE
3Hydrogen ExecutorONLINE
4Arceus XDOWN
8Shadow X ExecutorDOWN
8Aqura ExecutorDOWN
10Synapse XONLINE
11Furk UltraONLINE
12Nonsense DiamondDOWN
13Viper XDOWN
15Vega XDOWN
16Comet ExecutorDOWN
18Omega XDOWN
19Nekto ExecutorDOWN
20Anemo ExecutorDOWN
24Water XDOWN
27Flooded XDOWN
28Zeus ExecutorDOWN
31Magma ExecutorDOWN
32Kiwi X ExecutorDOWN
33SirHurt ExecutorDOWN
34Zen ExecutorDOWN
35VLone ExecutorDOWN
36FrostX ExecutorDOWN

Note: The server status of the above-mentioned Roblox Executors keeps changing. We will update this post based on their current server status.

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