Top 7 Richest Roblox Players List (July 2024)

Want to know about the Richest Roblox Players? Read on to find out more.

Among the countless users who have found success within the Roblox community, some have managed to amass substantial wealth through their creations, game development, and entrepreneurial ventures. 

In this article, we will take a look at the richest Roblox player list to determine which players have made it big. 

Who Is The Richest Roblox Player?

Roblox operates on a virtual currency called Robux, which players can earn and spend on various in-game items, accessories, and experiences. 

Developers, in particular, have the opportunity to earn substantial amounts of Robux through the sale of virtual items, game passes, and the monetization of their creations.

Let us take a look at the Richest Roblox Player list below. 

Roblox (David Baszucki)

David Baszucki is the co-founder and CEO of Roblox Corporation. He holds a significant stake in the company and has amassed substantial wealth as a result. 

Baszucki holds an R-Value of $ 404,553,417 and a RAP of $ 267,015,624.

Stickmasterluke (Luke Weber)

Stickmasterluke, also known by his real name, Luke Weber, gained prominence within the Roblox community for his exceptional game development skills and creative vision.

As a player and developer, he was known for creating popular games that captivated millions of Roblox users and showcased his talent for creating immersive experiences.

He is the second richest Roblox player with an R-Value of $ 276,643,221 and a RAP of $ 196,780,656.

SonOfSevenless (John James Shedletsky)

SonOfSevenless, also known as SOS, is a prominent figure within the Roblox community. He gained recognition for his contributions as a developer and for his involvement in the Roblox trading scene. 

SonOfSevenless is primarily known for his work on the “Limited Trading” feature, which revolutionized the way players buy, sell, and trade limited edition items on the Roblox platform.

He has an R-Value of $ 263,756,764 and a RAP of $ 159,927,678.


Linkmon99, also known as Tommy, is a well-known figure in the Roblox community. He gained prominence for his success as a Roblox player, trader, and content creator. 

He has amassed a large following on various social media platforms, where he shares his experiences, insights, and adventures within the Roblox world.

As a player, Linkmon99 is renowned for its extensive collection of limited-edition items. He has invested significant time and resources into acquiring rare and valuable items within the Roblox marketplace. 

His collection includes highly sought-after hats, accessories, and other limited edition items, which have contributed to his popularity and reputation within the community.

His R-Value is $ 258,958,756 and his RAP stands at $ 165,549,929.


Simoon68 is an English Roblox enthusiast who has made significant contributions to the platform as an accelerator and game developer. 

He is recognized for his involvement in various ventures, including co-owning the development group Abracadabra. 

Simoon68’s creative prowess shines through in his game creations, with notable titles such as SharkBite and Backpacking earning him a reputation within the Roblox community.

He is the fifth richest Roblox player with an R-Value of $ 228,356,263 and a RAP of $219,537,006.


CV10K is a player on Roblox who is recognized for owning an impressive collection of 408 limited items. Limited items are highly sought-after as they have a limited quantity and are often associated with events, promotions, or special releases on the Roblox platform.

Having such a substantial collection of limited items puts CV10K at the top of the Roblox totem pole. 


zlib has served as a former web intern for Roblox. In addition, he is also a current moderator for Trade Hangout. 

He is now recognized because he frequently purchases the first copy of new limited unique items as they are released.

His R-Value is $ 136,580,692 while his RAP is $ 105,655,841.

This is all you need to know about the richest Roblox player. We hope that this guide was helpful to you.

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