Best Free Websites To Read Manhwa (December 2023) 

When it comes to popular Asian comic culture, most of us are aware of manga (Japanese comic books and novels. 

Naruto, My Hero Academia, and Demon Slayer are some of the popular comics from the manga series.

But did you know that this sphere has expanded to other Asian countries like China and South Korea? In China, they are known as Manhua, while in South Korea they are called Manhwa. 

In this article, we shall share with you all about Manhwa the South Korean version of the Japanese-like Manga series. Ever since its launch Manhwa has been growing in popularity. 

Many of its popular titles like The Breaker, The Horizon, Bastard, Solo Leveling, Noblesse, Tower of God, and The God of High School are receiving anime adaptations. 

Currently, manhwa has shifted from print to digital. So if you are a Manhwa fan and want to read it there are many Manhwa apps and websites that let you read titles legally. Most of these sites let you access the series for free.

So immerse yourself in the diverse world of Manhwa where compelling stories come to life.

Where to Read Manhwa (2023) – Best Websites

There are tons of people across the world who are currently searching for websites or apps to read Manhwa.

If you are one of those users then look no further as we have compiled a list of all platforms that allow you to read Manhwa for free:

  • Webtoon
  • Toomics
  • Tappytoon
  • Lezhin Comics
  • Tapas
  • Physical Manhwa Releases
  • Kindle & ComiXology

TAPAS on Android & iOS

Tapas calls itself the YouTube of Comics and features a wide variety of series, separated by genre. They also have a mature section. The site offers free-to-read and premium series.

For the premium series, you can read a few for free but later it will cost more. You can also buy it with money earned by watching videos via the mobile app.

Tapas Manhwa Recommendations

 Adonis, Book Eater, Tomb Raider King, Second Life Ranker, and Jack: The American Ghost are some of the popular titles on Manhwa.

WEBTOONS On Android & iOS

Readers can read all the Manhwa series on Webtoons for free. But if you want early access then you can buy coins to pay for early access to new chapters. You can read them easily on your smartphone. 

Webtoon Manhwa Recommendations

Tower of God,  The God of High School, Hardcore Leveling Warrior, and The Gamer are the popular recommendations on Webtoon.

TAPPYTOON On Android & iOS 

Tappytoon has the series by genre. Mature titles are also found here. You can read some Manhwa titles for free but later have to pay a token to access other titles.   

Tappytoon Manhwa Recommendations

The Legend of the Northern Blade, Cherry Blossoms After Winter,  and I’m the Max-Level Newbie.

LEZHIN COMICS on Android & iOS

Lezhin too allows you to read a number of chapters for free before setting up the pay option. Lehzin gives creators some creative freedom with the types of series they tell. 

It has mature titles such as Killing Stalking and Painter of the Nightfall they also have select series under a “Wait Until Free” model.

Lezhin Comics Manhwa Recommendations

Unknown Code,  Save Me, Gilgamesh, 4 Cut Hero, and Blood Strangers are not to be missed.

TOOMICS on Browser 

Toomics is a legal site that pays its creators and allows readers to browse via genre. They also give a glimpse of the upcoming Manhwa titles. Users can purchase coins to buy chapters. Or they can pay a monthly subscription for unlimited access.  

Toomics Manhwa Recommendations

 Blood Blade, Warble, Leviathan, Pounding, and Super Rich are highly recommended.

NETCOMICS on Android & iOS

Netcomics offers a selection of manhwa and manga. Here you also have an option to rent titles that must be read within 72 hours, after which they expire.  

What Is The Difference Between Manga And Manhwa?

Here are some differences between manhwa and manga.

  1.  First and foremost, the manhwa is drawn in full colour. The only exception is The Breaker which is drawn in black and white. Manga, on the other hand, are mostly drawn in black and white.
  1. Manhwa are typically drawn digitally, whereas most of Manga are drawn by hand.
  1. Manhwa can be read from top to bottom. They are also read left to right whereas Manga is read right to left.

Why Should You Read Manhwa?

Unique Art Style: Manhwa boasts a distinctive art style that pays attention to detail and makes the characters come to life on the pages. 

Captivating Storytelling: Manhwa offers a rich blend of intricate plots and characters. Korean authors infuse romance, humour, and drama into their narratives turning them into immersive storylines.

Diverse Genres: Varied genres like romance, fantasy, science fiction, thriller, or historical settings, manhwa covers most of them to cater to various tastes.

Cultural Insights: Manhwa will give you an insight into Korean Culture and Traditions that add depth to the narratives.

Complex Themes: Many manhwa share some thought-provoking storytelling that delves into complex themes.

Visual Experience: Manhwa’s storytelling is a combination of artwork and text that enhances the reading  

Manhwa’s immersive storytelling combined with the artwork allows readers to escape from reality. So dive into the world of Manhwa for some exciting and enriching experience.

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