One Fruit Simulator Race Tier List [x2 Event + Lightning Awk] (Marc 2024)

Welcome to the ultimate One Fruit Simulator Race Tier List for 2023!

One Fruit Simulator allows players to join the famous Straw Hat Pirate crew. You can fight enemies and adventure alongside allies in PVP and PVE battles.

The game offers an open-world RPG game where you can be a part of one of the six races available in the game. While races are assigned randomly at the start, you can always choose to reroll if you do not like your assigned race.

Each race offers unique stats and abilities that can affect your gameplay. So, it is important to choose a race that compliments your gameplay style. 

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Currently, the six races available in the game are Human, Mink, Fishman, Skypiean, ONI, and CYBORG. Depending on your race, your characters’ appearance will be altered. 

With all that out of the way, let us take a look at the One Fruit Simulator Race Tier List below.

One Fruit Simulator Race Tier List (2024)

One Fruit Simulator Races Tier List (1)

With this comprehensive One Fruit Simulator Tier List Guide, you can make an informed decision on which race suits your playstyle and desired abilities. Choose wisely as you embark on your exciting One Fruit adventure.

We have ranked the races from the S tier to the C tier. Let us check them out below. 


This tier consists of the most OP races in this One Fruit Simulator race tier list. They are the races that you should aim to achieve in the reroll as they will make progressing through the game quite easy. 

  • ONI


While not as well-balanced as the S-Tier, these are still the most powerful races in the game. You will do well by being a part of either of the races in this category. 

  • Fishman


These races are average and can give a good performance in the hands of experienced players. 

  • Skypiean


These are low-performing races that can slow you down in One Fruit Simulator. It is best to avoid these races. 

  • Mink
  • Human

We have detailed each race a little further below. 

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The Human race provides a 15% increase in stat gains and an additional 5% buff when using the Dark Leg fighting style. Humans do not have any cosmetic traits. They also have no distinctive appearance.

Skypiean race

The Skypiean race grants players 5 extra sky jumps and an additional 30% flight speed. Skypieans have two large wings on their backs.


The Mink race bestows players with a 10% dodge chance against NPC attacks and a 2% dodge chance against PVP attacks. Minks also enjoy an additional 20% run speed. Minks have animal tails and ears. You will get an improved dash and flash step with this race. 


The Fishman race allows players to swim three times faster, reduces incoming damage by seven times when in water, and increases damage dealt by the Fishman fighting style by 25%. 

Fishmen have large fins on their backs and can also have fins on their arms or neck. 

Oni race

The Oni race excels in combat, providing a 5% damage boost with swords, conquerors haki, and Dragon fruit. Additionally, they enjoy a 5% damage reduction. Oni race members visually have two devil horns.


The Cyborg race offers players advantages such as 2x damage taken while in water, a 10% damage reduction, and a 10% damage boost with fighting styles. Cyborg race members have a visual cosmetic of metal arms.

This is the complete One Fruit Simulator race tier list. Please remember that this tier list is based on personal opinion. While a race may not rank high on our list, it may work well for some players.

We recommend playing with each race to find out which one suits you the best.

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