Murder Mystery 3 Codes (2024)

Are you looking for Roblox Murder Mystery 3 codes? If your answer is Yes, then you are in the right place.

In this guide, you’ll get all valid and 100% working Roblox Murder Mystery 3 codes that will give you free items, in-game rewards, and a lot more when redeemed successfully.

For the unversed, Roblox Murder Mystery 3 is a popular game where players have to either kill everyone in the lobby or survive getting killed by the killer.

It is similar to the hide-and-seek games but in Roblox Murder Mystery 3, you have a gun that you can use to kill other players.

However, during this game, you can collect unique items, weapons, and other things that will help players upgrade their avatars and progress.

Luckily like other Roblox games, MM3 also allows players to use promo codes that players can redeem to get free in-game items like weapons, knives, pets, and a lot more.

This is why many Roblox Murder Mystery 3 players often search for MM3 promo codes. If you are one of those people then you are in the right place.

When you search for MM3 codes on the web, you might get numerous codes. Unfortunately, not all codes available on the web are working at the moment.

Unlike other websites, we test and verify every code we provide on our site and we did the same with the following MM3 codes.

If you want to get more new Murder Mystery 3 codes before anyone else, make sure to visit this page back as we update this post with new codes when they are released by the devs.

Here, we have enlisted all valid and 100% working codes that can be redeemed in MM3 right now.

All Murder Mystery 3 Codes List (2024)

Active Murder Mystery 3 Codes

Here are some working Murder Mystery 3 codes to redeem right now:

  • FR33C0D3
  • $!BL4Z3$!
  • $!CR1MS0N!$
  • !CHR0M4LIF3!
  • !D4G!
  • !DUCK!
  • !H0LID4Y!
  • !R3D!!
  • !SH4RK!
  • !T3N!
  • 3DG3D
  • 3MP
  • B0X
  • C01L
  • CH13F
  • CHR0M4
  • D34TH
  • D4RK!ED
  • DR4G0N5
  • EDW4RD
  • FR33C0D3
  • FR33!
  • G4L4XY!
  • GH05T
  • H0L1D4Y
  • H1DD3N
  • H3LH4MM2R3D
  • IMASBN37
  • INF3RN10
  • INF3RN4L
  • JR
  • LUCK3Y
  • LUG3R
  • M1DN1GHT
  • N00B3Y
  • NU47H7
  • OM837B
  • P0T4T0
  • P1ZZ4!
  • PDJ
  • PH4R40H
  • PR1S0N3D
  • R3TURN
  • R41N
  • S0RR0W
  • S1L
  • S3N
  • SK00L
  • SL1C3R0
  • T1NY
  • TH0R
  • TH4NK5!
  • TURK3Y
  • UEY743
  • UPD4T3
  • V4L3N
  • V4P0R
  • Y3P!

Notably, these codes are only valid for a very short time so make sure to use them before they expire.

If you find any codes that are not working or expired, please let us know in the comment so we will replace these codes with active and working codes.

Expired Murder Mystery 3 Codes

The following codes are no longer working:

  • No expired codes yet!


Here are some basic questions related to MM3 and their answers.

Q1. How to redeem Murder Mystery 3 codes in Roblox

Ans: There are plenty of players who have a list of MM3 working codes but they don’t know how to redeem them and claim free rewards.

  • If you are one of those players then follow the steps written below.
  • First, go to Roblox and launch the Murder Mystery 3.
  • Once the game is started, click on the blue Twitter button on your screen’s left side.
  • Now, copy a working code from our list and paste it into the box.
  • Once pasted you need to click on Redeem button to redeem the code.
    That’s it.

Q2. Where to Get More Murder Mystery 3 Codes?

Ans: We have already mentioned all the latest Murder Mystery 3 codes above that can get you free rewards.

However, if you want to get more new codes for this game then you can get them by following the social media handles of MM3 developers.

Make sure to join the official Discord server of Murder Mystery 3 because they are pretty active on Discord.

Otherwise, pin or bookmark this page and check it often as we update this page with new codes when they are out.

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