Metal Slug Awakening Tier List (May 2024) – Characters & Weapons

Metal Slug Awakening has finally been released for Android and iOS devices. Developed by VNGGames International, it is an action shooting Mobile Game licensed by SNK.

With a global launch, Metal Slug Awakening has witnessed numerous changes in its gameplay, visual, and art style.

Whenever a new action Mobile game is released on Google Play Store or Apple App Store, among many things people search for its weapon or character tier list. The same thing happened with the launch global of Metal Slug Awakening.

Unlike other Mobile Games, Metal Slug Awakening does not have dozens of characters to choose from but people still don’t know which one is the best.

With that in mind, we have created a Metal Slug Awakening tier list. In this tier list, we have ranked all characters available in Metal Slug Awakening based on their powers and abilities.

To know which character sits in S, A, B, and C tier, you need to keep on reading.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Metal Slug Awakening Character Tier List (2024)

As mentioned above, Metal Slug Awakening has a few characters to choose from. The name of some characters are — Marco Rossi, Eri Kasamoto, Tarma Roving, and Fio Germi.

If you have just started playing this game and don’t know which one is the best then make sure to go through the following tier list.

S Tier

  • Marco
  • Lyla
  • Scarlett

A Tier

  • Eri
  • Tarma
  • Trevor Spacey
  • Eva Glenn

B Tier

  • Fio
  • Haran
  • Nadia Cassel

C Tier

  • Haran
  • Nadia Cassel

Metal Slug Awakening Weapon Tier List (2023)

Apart from choosing the best characters, you must select the best weapon to win every battle in the game.

Since the game has plenty of weapons to choose from, a lot of players are having a hard time choosing the best weapon in Metal Slug Awakening.

With that in mind, we have ranked all weapons available in Metal Slug Awakening:

S Tier

  • Sky Ripper
  • Eclipse

A Tier

  • Ragewing
  • Moltor
  • Star Slayer

B Tier

  • Ice Bound Deity
  • Howler

C Tier

  • Peace Slammer
  • Blade Saw Launcher

That’s all you need to know about the Metal Slug Awakening tier list.

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