Meetup App Not Working Fix (2023) – The Right Way

Meetup is a social media platform for like-minded people to connect and interact. Meetup also has an app for mobile devices that have made it easier to organize your meetups on the go!

But like most of the apps, this too has its share of hiccups and the most common being the Meetup App Not Working on Android or iPhone.  

Now there can be a number of reasons for the Meetup App Not Working issue. The most common being:

  • Meetup App Server Issue
  • Clear Cache of Meetup App
  • Update Meetup App
  • Disable VPN
  • Internet Connection Issue
  • Restart Your Device

How To Resolve Meetup App Not Working Issue

Here are some effective ways that could help you resolve the Meetup app not working problem:

Check Meetup App Server Status

Whenever you encounter issues while using the Meetup app, the first thing you should do is check its server status.

To check the Meetup server status, visit its official site and check if its servers are down or not. You can also check its current server status on Downdetector on Twitter.

After checking, if you find the Meetup app’s servers are down for any reason then you need to wait until the issue is fixed.

Clear Cache

To clear the cache of the Meetup App, you need to follow the steps written below:

  • Go to Settings
  • Next, go to Apps
  • Click on Meetup App
  • Click Clear Cache.

Update Meetup App

If clearing the Meetup app cache does not fix the issue then you must check if there are any updates pending as an outdated app can also cause the error.

To update the Meetup app, go to Google Play Store and search for it and then click on the Update button.

Once updated, launch the app and check if the error remains.

Disable VPN

Another reason for facing the Meetup App Not Working issue could be a VPN.

If you are using a VPN on your device, disable it.

Check if the error has subsided.

Internet Connection

Meetup needs a fast and stable internet connection to work seamlessly.

Test your internet with a speed test.

A slow and unstable network connection will cause errors.

Restart Your Device

After following all the above steps, if you continue to face the Meetup App Not Working issue then you should restart the device.

As restarting a device clears out most of the bugs. If all the above solutions do not solve the Meetup App Not Working issue then one must contact the Meetup App team. They will guide you further.

Reasons to Use Meetup

Meetup helps you to meet like-minded people and also interact with them. So if you are a sports enthusiast then forming a group with other enthusiasts and organizing activities with them will be quite enjoyable.

If one is an ardent reader, or interested in painting, knitting and more. It will be interesting to meet others who love the same thing. It may even lead to forging a bond of long-lasting friendships!

One can even hold discussions with like-minded people on politics, religion and more. Also, explore other cultures and you can also join groups that will help you in your work, studies and more. If you are single then you can join a group to meet eligible singles.

Meetup Fees

Meetup users do not have to pay any fees, they can use it for free. But the group organizers can be charged a monthly fee to run their groups.  The organizers can charge a small amount from the members to keep the group running. 

Is Meetup App Safe?

Meetup is as safe as any social media website if you follow the simple rules of precautions. There are certain rules and regulations to be followed and if one breaks the rules. Members can lodge a formal complaint against them and Meetup will remove the user from the group and also take adequate precautions.

Meetup App was founded by  Scott Heiferman and Matt Meeker in New York and currently has more than 28 million members in over 179 countries. 

Meetup remains headquartered in New York City and continues to empower individuals and communities to come together and create meaningful experiences through shared interests.

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