Holocure Collabs Tier List: Every Weapon Ranked (2023)

On your Holocure Collabs adventure, one of the most important articles is your weapon. However, not all weapons are equally powerful. This is why we have created this Holocure Collabs Tier List to help you separate the good from the bad.

Each character wields a distinct weapon, offering the potential for upgrades and enchantments. However, it’s crucial to note that any basic or run-found weapon inherently pales in comparison to the might of a Collab weapon.

To acquire a Collab weapon in Holocure, you must first amass two weapons and diligently elevate them to their peak potential.

At this point, the Golden Anvil takes centre stage. Merging these two weapons will create a new, more potent weapon – the coveted Collab weapon.

These newly minted Collab weapons immediately attain maximum levels and open the door for enchantments.

It’s also noteworthy that the enchantments bestowed by the original weapons seamlessly transfer to this potent offspring.

With that being said, let us take a look at the Holocure Collab Tier List below

Holocure Collab Tier List


While Collab weapons undoubtedly eclipse their basic counterparts in terms of power, they’re not all created equal within the world of Holocure.

Some wield the ability to obliterate enemies with ease, while others contribute only moderately to your survivability.

To provide clarity and guidance, we’ve meticulously composed a tier list, ranking Holocure’s Collab Weapons from the apex of superiority to the less impactful.

S Tier

Within this tier are the creme de la creme of Collab weapons. These weapons have unparalleled strength.

They can grant you the freedom to progress through the game without the fear of being overpowered by enemies.

Even if they dare challenge you, their efforts will be met with massive retaliation.

  • BL Fujoshi (BL Book + Psycho Axe)
  • Frozen Sea (BL Book + Wamy Water)
  • Bone Bros. (Cutting Board + EN’s Curse)
  • Dragon Fire (Fan Beam + Plug Type Asacoco)
  • Ring Of Fitness (Bounce Ball + CEO’s Tears)

A Tier

Within the A Tier, you’ll find potent Collab weapons that, while slightly beneath the S Tier, bestow you with remarkable power and strength.

Having a few weapons from this category ensures your prowess prevails over Holocure’s levels.

  • Stream Of Tears (Fan Beam + CEO’s Tears)
  • Broken Dreams (Spider Cooking + CEO’s Tears)
  • Rap Dog (X-Potato + Idol Song)
  • Elite Cooking (Elite Lava Bucket + Spider Cooking)
  • Flattening Board (Cutting Board + Holo Bomb)

B Tier

In this tier, we have weapons of commendable strength. While individually they bolster your character, a collection of B Tier Collab weapons can effectively vanquish waves of adversaries.

However, you need a bit of experience before you will be able to use these weapons to their optimal strength.

  • Snow Flower Sake (Wamy Water + Glowstick)
  • MiKorone (X-Potato + Elite Lava Bucket)
  • Eldritch Horror (EN’s Curse + Spider Cooking)
  • Absolute Wall (Cutting Board + Bounce Ball)
  • Idol Concert (Idol Song + Glowstick)

C Tier

Closing the tier list is the C Tier, home to the more modest of Collab weapons. While they might not rise to the heights of their counterparts, they outshine basic weapons.

Patience and strategy may unveil a lot more potential than they are given credit for.

  • Light Beam (Glowstick + Fan Beam)
  • Breathe-In Type Asacoco (Plug Type Asacoco + Holo Bomb)
  • I’m Die, Thank You Forever (X-Potato, Holo Bomb)

In conclusion, Holocure’s Collab weapons introduce a dynamic layer of strategy and attack to your gameplay experience.

Armed with our tier list as your guide, you can now navigate the intricate world of Holocure with mastery.

This is the complete Holocure Collab Tier List for weapons available in the game at the moment. We hope that this tier list was helpful to you.

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