All Apex Legends Holo Spray Locations Explained (2024)

Apex Legends is a very popular free-to-play battle royal shooting game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts.

Apex Legends is a multiplayer game that allows players to play with their friends in the squad. While playing together, each player can use their special or unique ability to attack opponents.

However, to make the game more interesting and fun, the developers of the game keep adding new maps, missions and events.

One of those events asks players to collect Holo Sprays which spawn in different locations in Apex Legends maps.

Since the locations of Holo Sprays in Apex Legends is different from one another, a lot of players are having a hard time finding them.

If you are one of those Apex Legends players then don’t worry, we have got you covered.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

All Apex Legends Holo Spray Locations

To get an exclusive spray in Apex Legends, players are required to complete the quests by finding 6 holo spray locations. Notably, Olypmus and King’s Canyon both have 3 Holo Spray locations in Apex Legends.

First, you need to start the Apex Legends Decrypt The Passcode Event. To get started, you need to collect a keycard by opening a care package in either Olympus or King’s Canyon.

When you open the care package, you will receive three keycards for each person in your team.

Once done, you have to interact with this card and trigger the quest. After triggering the quest, you need to collect 3 three holo sprays.

Notably, these holo sprays will spawn in three different locations in each match. Here are all locations where you can find the Holo Sprays in Olympus and King’s Canyon.


Apex Legends Holo Spray Location

To make your work easier, we have highlighted all possible locations where you can find Holo Sprays in Olympus in Apex Legends.

⦁ Top of the centre building.
⦁ In the middle of the Arcadia Supercarrier.
⦁ On top of a wall in the Central Turbine.
⦁ On the top of the Hammond Labs.
⦁ On Orbital Cannon Test Site.
⦁ Under a bridge in the center of Hydroponics.
⦁ Northeast of Elysium.
⦁ In between Orbital Cannon Test Site and Bonsai Plaza.
⦁ West side of Rift Aftermath.
⦁ At the Bonsai Plaza under the northwesternmost building.
⦁ At Velvet Oasis under the north building.
⦁ At Energy Depot.
⦁ East of Golden Gardens.
⦁ In the middle of Grow Tower.
⦁ Northside of the Power Grid.

Kings Canyon

Apex Legends Holo Spray Location

To make your work easier, we have highlighted all possible locations where you can find Holo Sprays in Kings Canyon in Apex Legends.

⦁ At the top of The Cage.
⦁ On the top of the Crash Site.
⦁ At the west of the Airbase.
⦁ The northern side of Runoff.
⦁ In the middle of the Pit.
⦁ On the bridge in Bunker.
⦁ Near the buildings south of the Labs.
⦁ Southwest corner of Hydro Dam
⦁ Northeast corner of the Rig.
⦁ close to the border of the map at the eastern side of the Swamps.

Once you find and scan these Holo Sprays, you need to head towards the firing range and complete the challenge.

That’s all you need to know about how to find Holo Sprays in Apex Legends.

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