Gramhir: The Best Instagram Analyzer & Viewer (May 2024)

Gramhir is an Instagram analyzer allowing users to examine competitors’ followers and help them find out the popularity of their Instagram profile.

This tool is suitable for brands because it provides amazing information about competitors’ target customers and assists you in determining whether your audience is interested in your company or brand.

The features of Gramhir do not end here, it will also show you the perfect time to upload photos and videos so you can get more and more views and likes and gain more followers easily.

There are plenty of IG users who want to use Grahmhir but they don’t know how to use it and if you are one of those users then look no further as we have got you covered.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

What is Gramhir?

Gramhir is an analyzing tool that shows information about Instagram profiles including followers, targeted customers, and interests of followers. Once you get this information, you can narrow down your audience and grow your business faster.

Gramhir is a great tool that has a variety of options making it a great instrument for analysts of social media as well as marketing professionals.

Here are some features of Gramhir:

  • Gramhir helps you learn about your competitors so that you can keep an eye on their Instagram accounts to collect information about their Instagram profiles including which type of content is performing well and which hashtags they are using to gain engagement.
  • The best part of this tool is you don’t need to create an Instagram account to see content that your competitors share and collect other information.
  • All you need to do is type the username of your competitors and you will be shown everything on the screen.
  • Gramhir gives its users the flexibility to track or keep an eye on various Instagram accounts at once.
  • Yes, you don’t need to switch between multiple accounts to see the content they post. You can browse all of them at one location by using this tool.

How to Start Using Gramhir?

If you want to analyze your competitor’s Instagram account without logging or creating an account, use Gramhir.

After visiting the official website of Gramhir, you simply need to enter the username of your competitors or the person whose Instagram account you want to analyze.

After entering the username, hit the Enter button. When you do so, Gramhir will show you information like Average Like Per Post, Average Comments Per Post, Number of Followers and more.

You can click on any post to get detailed information, and get additional information regarding the specific post by clicking on the “more information” button.

This will show you all information including, the date of posting, number of likes, number of comments, and much more.

Gramhir Pros & Cons

Like all tools and services, Gramhir does have advantages and disadvantages. To make your work easier, we have mentioned some pros and cons of Gramhir that you can consider before start using it.


  • Gramhir has a very simple, easy, and user-friendly interface.
  • Gramhir is 100% free to use Instagram analyzer.
  • Gramhir can be used without creating an account and logging into Instagram.
  • You can analyze any Instagram profile you want.
  • With the help ofGramhir, you not only analyze any Instagram account but also export all the information that you gather on your Instagram profile for offline use.
  • More


  • It has limited options.
  • Currently, Gramhir is not available for mobile devices.

Apart from these limitations, Gramhir is an excellent tool for studying and analyzing Instagram accounts.

Top 10 Gramhir Alternatives

If you don’t like the user interface or features of Gramhir but wish to use other tools that help you analyze the Instagram accounts of your competitor then you should try the following tools:

  1. Webstagram
  2. Insta Analyzer
  3. Insta Inspector
  4. Insta Lookup
  5. Insta Spy
  6. Insta Viewer
  7. Profile Analyzer
  8. Social Blade
  9. Statigram
  10. Profile Stats

That’s al you need to know about Gramhir.

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