How to Get To Dressrosa In GPO (2024) – GPO Rose Kingdom Location

The devs of Grand Piece Online (GPO) have finally dropped a new update 8. As expected, they have added a new island, Rose Kingdom.

Ever since the new Island is added to Grand Piece Online, a lot of players have been having a hard time finding the location of Rose Kingdom.

While you are here, you must be struggling to get to Dressrosa, which is located in the Rose Kingdom.

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To know where Dressrosa is located and how to get there, you need to keep on reading.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

GPO Dressrosa Location Guide

To get to Dressrosa in GPO, you need to unlock the second sea first. Before you spawn in the Second Sea, make sure your level is 500 or above.

Once you have unlocked Second Sea, you need to spawn there. Once spawned, you need to spawn a coffin boat.

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Once the boat is spawned, you need to head towards between East and South East. For the exact location of Rose Kingdom Island, you can watch the following YouTube video.

Notably, you need to keep heading in this direction until you see a huge rock in front of you.

When you see the rock, you need to circle around. When you do so, you will find yourself in the Rose Kingdom.

That’s all you need to get to Dressrosa in Grand Piece Online.

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