Flee The Facility (FTF) Value List (March 2024) – UPDATED

Are you looking for a Flee The Facility value list? If your answer is YES then you have come to the right place.

Flee The Facility is a Roblox game that has you running, hiding and escaping from the beast. While doing these things, you will have to unlock exits and flee the facility.

Irrespective of what device you own, you can play Flee The Facility (FTF) with ease. Yes, it runs smoothly on phones, tablets, PC and Xbox.

There are tons of players who have just started playing Flee The Facility and are currently having a hard time trading in the game.

For the unversed, players can trade Hammers or Gemstones in Flee The Facility. The reason why players have to struggle is not all hammers or gemstones are equally valuable. Yes, they are divided into multiple tiers based on their value or rarity.

If you trade Hammers or Gemstones in Flee The Facility (FTF) without knowing their exact value, chances are high that you will have to bear huge losses.

With that in mind, we have created a Flee The Facility value list mentioning the value of every Hammer or Gemstone available in the game.

Without any further ado, let’s get started:

Flee The Facility Value List (2024)

Here are all Hammers or Gemstones available in Flee The Facility and their exact value. Notably, these trading values have been predefined and are subject to change in the future.

Legendary Gemstones Trading Values

Legendary GemstonesRarityDemandValue
Doge55%Low1x Legendary
1337 MLG Pro57%Low1x Legendary
OOF58%Low3x Legendary
Alien60%Low8x Legendary
Dark Wreath63%Low9x Legendary
Lil Present63%Average7x Legendary
VIP63%Average5x Legendary
3rd Anniversary65%Average5x Legendary
Lil Tree65%Average8x Legendary
Krampus Chimney65%Low9x Legendary
Light Ghost67%Average9x Legendary
Pumpkins Jack69%High8x Legendary
Alchemist Eye70%High10x Legendary
Warlock Eye70%High10x Legendary
202170%High11x Legendary
Witch Eye70%High10xLegendary
Snowflake70%High12x Legendary
Warlock Hunter72%High12x Legendary
Frosty Tree74%High14x Legendary
Silver Star74%High12x Legendary
Alchemist Hunter75%High12x Legendary
Light Skull76%High12x Legendary
Witch Hunter77%High12x Legendary
Toy Elf77%High12x Legendary
Merry Wreath80%Average14x Legendary
1 Billion80%Average15x Legendary
Santa Chimney85%Average17x Legendary
Festive Tree85%Very High16x Legendary
2nd Anniversary85%High18x Legendary
Dark Ghost87%Very High21x Legendary
202087%High17x Legendary
Dark Skull88%Very High20x Legendary
Spooky Candy90%Very High20x Legendary
201995%Very High25x Legendary
Spooky Brew95%Very High20x Legendary

Legendary Hammers Trading Values

Legendary HammersRarityDemandValue
Nuclear Waste35%Low1x Legendary
Smash Bros35%Low1x Legendary
S’mores45%Low2x Legendary
Coffin53%Average2x Legendary
Classic54%Low3x Legendary
Classic60%Average7x Legendary
Mothership60%Low6x Legendary
VIP Ban Hammer63%Average5x Legendary
3rd Anniversary65%Average5x Legendary
Tombstone Bash66%Average8x Legendary
Snowman67%Average6x Legendary
Dave Pumpkins68%Average10x Legendary
Dave Pumpkins69%Average10x Legendary
202170%High12x Legendary
Blue Nutcracker76%High11x Legendary
Light Bone Crusher78%High12x Legendary
Lucky Shamrock80%High15x Legendary
Lucky Top Hat81%Four Stars15x Legendary
Red Nut Cracker84%Very High15x Legendary
Toy Santa85%Very High14x Legendary
1 Billion88%Average15x Legendary
2nd Anniversary90%Very High18x Legendary

Epic Gemstones Trading Values

Epic GemstonesRarityDemandValue
Light Shadows30%Very Low1x Epic
Sunset32%Very Low1x Epic
Hot Miami32%Very Low1x Epic
Busy Bee33%Low1-2x Epic
Lady Bug34%Low1-2x Epic
Rainbow34%Very Low1x Epic
Cash35%Low2x Epic
Green Peppermint40%Average2-3x Epic
Chocolate Treats40%Average2-3x Epic
Pepper Mint45%High3-4x Epic
Celestial45%Average2-3x Epic
Nebula45%Average2-3x Epic
Candy Corn45%High4x Epic
Rudolph45%Average2-3x Epic
Bloodshot48%High4-5x Epic
Monster Eye48%High4-5x Epic

Epic Hammers Trading Values

Epic HammersRarityDemandValue
Redcliff30%Very Low1x Epic
Cave Spider30%Very Low1x Epic
Cash35%Low1-2x Epic
Blue Squeaky37%Low1-2x Epic
Red Squeaky37%Low1-2x Epic
Fruit Cake38%Low2x Epic
Holy Berry38%Low2x Epic
Stars & Stripes39%Low1-2x Epic
8 Ball39%Low1-2x Epic
Chocolate Treats40%Average2-3x Epic
Ginger Bread40%Average3x Epic
Sweet Present40%Average2-3x Epic
Corruption42%Average2-3x Epic
Stratis42%Average2-3x Epic
Monster Blood42%High3x Epic
Demon Blood42%High3x Epic
Candy Corn45%High4x Epic

Rare Gemstones Trading Values

Rare GemstonesRarityDemandValue
Festive Lights12%Very Low1x Rare
Ornament Wrap12%Very Low1x Rare
Blank15%Very Low1x Rare
Pyramid15%Very Low1x Rare
Stone15%Very Low1x Rare
Magma15%Very Low1x Rare
Reflective15%Very Low1x Rare
Moon15%Very Low1x Rare
Candy Cane15%Very Low2x Rare
Winter Sky15%Very Low2x Rare
Pumpkin Sky16%Very Low1x Rare
Midnight Sky16%Very Low1x Rare
Lil’ Frosty17%Average3x Rare
Present18%Low2-3x Rare
Emerald Sky18%Low2x Rare
Mystical Night18%Low2x Rare
Dark Moon20%Average2-3x Rare
Xeno22%Average3x Rare
Biotech22%Average3x Rare
Stratis22%Average3x Rare
Lil’ Spooky25%High4x Rare

Rare Hammers Trading Values

Rare HammersRarityDemandValue
Packed Snow13%Very Low1x Rare
Snowy Night Wrap13%Very Low1x Rare
Festive Dots Wrap13%Very Low1x Rare
Blue Steel15%Very Low1x Rare
Strange Element15%Very Low1x Rare
Wan wood15%Very Low1x Rare
Viridian15%Very Low1x Rare
Blank15%Very Low1x Rare
Red Star Wrap15%Very Low1x Rare
Omega Rainbow16%Very Low1x Rare
Ghostly Night16%Very Low1x Rare
Party Skulls16%Very Low1x Rare
Velvet Webs16%Very Low1x Rare
Peppermint18%Low1-2x Rare
Nightmare Shadow18%Low2x Rare
Reptile Skin18%Low2x Rare
Moo Moo20%Low2-3x Rare
Chocolate Moo20%Low2-3x Rare
Strawberry Moo20%Low2-3x Rare
Snowing20%Average2-3x Rare
Nebula25%Average3x Rare
Lil’ Devil25%High4x Rare
Xeno25%Average3x Rare
Strawberry Moo30%Low2-3x Rare
Galaxy Clouds30%Average3x Rare

Common Gemstones Trading Values

Common GemstonesRarityDemandValue
Pink1%Very Low1x Common
Brown1%Very Low1x Common
Magenta1%Very Low1x Common
Orange1%Very Low1x Common
Yellow1 %Very Low1x Common
Green1%Very Low1x Common
Cyan1%Very Low1x Common
Blue1%Very Low1x Common
White1%Very Low1x Common
Black1%Very Low1x Common
Blue Sand1.50%Very Low1x Common
Blue Moon1.50%Very Low1x Common
Nightmare Cold1.50%Very Low1x Common
Pink Sand1.50%Very Low1x Common
Rusty Red1.50%Very Low1x Common
Blue Moon1.50%Very Low1x Common
Yule Log1.50%Very Low1x Common
Wreath1.50%Very Low1x Common
Chimney1.50%Very Low1x Common
Snow1.50%Very Low1x Common
Iceberg2%Very Low1x Common
Bewitched2.50%Very Low1x Common
Monster Scars3%Very Low1-2x Common
Midnight Snow3%Very Low1-2x Common
Winter Dusk3%Very Low1-2x Common
Rudolph’s Nose3%Very Low1-2x Common
Data Chip4%Low2x Common
Cyber Circuit4%Low2x Common
Heat Core4%Low2x Common
Reptile4%Low2x Common
Pumpkin Star6%Average3x Common
Dark Star8%Average3x Common
Ghost8%High4x Common
Toxic8%High4x Common
Galaxy Clouds10%Average3x Common

Common Hammers Trading Values

Common HammersRarityDemandValue
Concrete1%Very Low1x Common
Caution1%Very Low1x Common
Stone1%Very Low1x Common
Lincoln Log1%Very Low1x Common
Pink and Purple1%Very Low1x Common
Blue and Orange1%Very Low1x Common
Hot Pink2%Very Low1x Common
Ocean Blue1%Very Low1x Common
Forest Camo1%Very Low1x Common
Desert Camo1%Very Low1x Common
Sky Pixel2%Very Low1x Common
Ruby Pixel2%Very Low1x Common
Hot Pink2%Very Low1x Common
Elf’s Mallet4%Low2x Common
Santa’s Mallet4%Low2x Common
Bio Core5%Low2x Common
Heat Core5%Low2x Common
Plasma Core5%Low2x Common

That’s all you need to know about the Flee The Facility trading values list.

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