How To Fix 7TV Emotes Not Showing (2023)

The 7TV Extension helps you to chat with emotes in almost a million channels on Twitch & YouTube! Along with that, it offers many new features, better performance, and customization choices for a unique experience.

What Is 7TV Emotes?

7TV is an emote choice that works as a browser extension. By adding it to your browser, you can enjoy its many advantages. 

For example, you can use live emotes and access various emote sets to use in different Twitch chat sections.

You can use emotes with facial expressions to add emotion to the conversation.

However, many users complain that when they want to use the emotes, the emotes are not showing.

This is not a big issue. If you know the right methods, to fix the problem.

If you are facing a problem right now, this guide will help you to fix the problem.

How To Fix 7TV Emotes Not Showing 

Here are some easy fixes to try:

Refresh The Twitch App

Start by refreshing the Twitch App with CTRL + F5 

This action should make the emotes work in chat. 

Also, you can try to reinstall the Twitch app. 

If the emotes are still not working, ensure that you have correctly installed the 7TV Twitch emote extension.

Reinstall The 7TV Emotes Extension

You can try to completly remove the existing 7TV emotes extension and then add it again.

This may solve the emotes not showing the problem

Here’s how to do it :

  • Open your web browser.
  •  Go to the 7tv website.
  •  Choose the “Browser extension” option for the 7tv Chrome extension.
  •  Click on “Add to Chrome.”
  •  Select “Add Extension“.
  • The extension will download to your browser. 
  •  Log in to your Twitch account.
  •  Twitch will recognize the extension, allowing you to configure which emotes to use.
  •  In the chat section, click on an emote to send it.

Refresh Your Browser

A fast and simple solution to try is to refresh your browser. 

This is a quick fix as it only takes a few seconds, and based on feedback from some community members, it has helped resolve the issue for them.

Check Your Internet Connection

Internet Speed Check

Sometimes, a poor internet connection can affect your Twitch experience, including the displaying of emotes. If your connection is weak, it might prevent you from seeing emotes properly.

Make sure you have a strong and fast internet connection to avoid any problems.

Use A Different Browser

Consider trying a different browser to access Twitch.

Some users reported that the emotes were not showing on Chrome, but when they switched to Mozilla Firefox it worked fine.

Also if you don’t want to switch your browser, you can update your current browser and see if the problem is solved or not.

These are all the quick solutions you can try if you are facing the 7TV emotes not showing the problem on Twitch. 

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