Top 5 FeetFinder Sellers List (March 2024)

Want to know who earns the most on FeetFinder? Well, we have compiled a list of creators who make a lot of money on

There are plenty of feet pics websites like FunwithFeet and FeetFinder. Since this post is all about FeetFinder, we will not mention FunwithFeet’s top sellers here.

FeetFinder was the first dedicated platform for feet pics but now a lot of people are using FunwithFeet. If you too want to sign up on FunwithFeet, make sure to use our coupon code.

Selling feet pics is a legitimate opportunity to earn extra income in the current scenario. You can sell feet pics on legitimate platforms like FeetFinder and FunwithFeet. It is not only safe and secure but also a smooth way for buyers and sellers to come in touch with each other for trade.  

You will be surprised to know that many people are earning over $5000 per month from selling feet pics as there is a huge demand for them in the market.

Reportedly the average price for a single feet pic is around $22, and the average cost for a video is $19. Selling feet content on the platform has brought in over $30K for many popular creators.

The safety of the FeetFinder platform along with many feet lovers has resulted in a healthy income for the creators of FeetFinder.

Average Income on FeetFinder

It is quite difficult to provide a specific figure on how much an average seller earns on FeetFinder. Some can earn a few hundred whereas some earn several thousand dollars per month from selling feet pictures on legit platforms.

The earnings of foot models can vary depending on various factors. These are their experience in the field, demand for certain pics, and the seller’s reputation. There are many who make more than $10K per year. 

In the fashion industry itself, foot models earn as much as a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars per hour. High-profile or in-demand foot models can earn even more than that.   

But you need to be a dedicated foot model and put in extra effort to make your pics presentable, HD quality and attractive. FeetFinder, also allows its creators to keep 90% of their earnings which is quite a lucrative offer compared to other feet pics websites or apps.

Top 5 FeetFinder’s Top Sellers & Their Earning

Here are a few FeetFinder sellers who earn the most by selling feet pics:

Cutie Mary

Cutie Mary is one of the most popular creators on FeetFinder. Though she has only 33 followers, but is earning a humongous amount all thanks to her cute tiny feet.

She has received a five-star rating from her subscribers. To subscribe to her foot content, one needs to pay $6.59 monthly. 

Linda Davis

After Cutie Mary, we have Linda Davis who left the digital world abuzz when she shared that she made $150K a year from selling feet pics.

A former high school teacher Linda left her job to sell feet pics on FeetFinder. She made $13K each month.

By August 2022, she made $150K from just selling feet pics on FeetFinder.

Sarah Bellaa

Sarah Bellaa made headlines when she bought a brand new Mercedes-Benz with the money she earned from uploading photos of her mother’s feet to Feetfinder.

However, there is no precise information on how much she earns per month. But one can guess that she is reaping moolah all thanks to her delectable feet.

The OwesomCollegeGirlToes

The foot diva has won over Feet fetishists with her cutest feet pics. She regularly updates them from different locations and makes the most of her cute pink feet to the delight of her fans. Apparently, she is charging anything from $7 to $9 per picture.  


This young creator has just 26 followers on her profile. But is quite popular all thanks to her size 8 foot. She is one of the most successful creators and does individualized content in response to a simple message request. Her content can be purchased for as much as $5 to $15.

How To Sell on FeetFinder?

Here are some simple steps to learn how to sell pics on FeetFinder and earn money. 

Keep Your Feet Beautiful: 

To build successful income-generating content one must share good quality pictures. To start posting on FeetFinder you need some clean foot and a high-quality camera.  Make sure that your feet are kept clean and neat. 

Upload High-Quality Profile Pictures: 

Do upload high-quality pictures and make sure to take good shots of your feet that are crystal clear. To do so use the best camera and unique locations.

Write Detailed Descriptions: 

Detailed descriptions of your pics allow buyers to easily find your content.  Buyers usually search for content using keywords like “soles,” “dirty feet,” “heels,” and more. Do include these keywords in your descriptions.  

Price Your Feet Pics: 

Offering cheaper options will entice buyers and as more and more engage they are likely to pay a high price for your pics. 

Communicate With Buyers:  

Log into your account every day and instantly reply to the messages if any to forge a bond with the buyer.

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